Bacon and beyond: a buffet of breakfast fabrics. Vote for your favorites!

FEB 24, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Breakfast fabrics
I think you'll agree that there are a lot of tasty fabrics on offer in this week''s Fabric Of the Week contest. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and vote!


The competing designs and designers this week are:

  1. "kids" illustration by sketchtex
  2. (Francis) Bacon and Eggs by rayne
  3. 002d by taraput
  4. 166_Bush_Tucker_Dreaming by weerongabartoo
  5. A 1 Febrero 2011 – Green Yellow red Aqua Black white Purple by rupydetequila
  6. A Breakfast 2go by grannynan
  7. A Good Morning by paragon_studios_one
  8. A Good Morning! by catru
  9. A Happy Family Breakfast by magneetje
  10. a toast for breakfast please by shiny
  11. African Banana Smoothie by miiwii
  12. An abundance of loopy fruity goodness by victorialasher
  13. apples on pink by arteija
  14. A_blue_plate_with_bacon_and_eggs by pavlova_is
  15. a_table_bleu_blanc_L by nadja_petremand
  16. bacon by ituhadesign
  17. Bacon by jadegordon
  18. Bacon & Eggs Argyle by sherryann
  19. Bacon and Eggs by poetryqn
  20. Bacon and Eggs by anselblue_design
  21. Bacon and Eggs by lisaorgler
  22. Bacon and Eggs? by ldj_design
  23. Bacon, Bacon, Bacon, Feorlen, and Bacon by vo
  24. Bear pancake by lovely_girl
  25. Bear Waffles, Eggs, and Toast, Oh MY! by pattyvariboa
  26. berry_breakfast by madeleine_marx
  27. Big_Breakfast by katherinek
  28. BohemiaWaffle by toddleflage
  29. Bread for breakfast! by bora
  30. breafast by less
  31. breakfast by elenamalec
  32. Breakfast by jenni0730
  33. breakfast by ifeltcreative
  34. breakfast by julievfoster
  35. breakfast by glimmericks
  36. breakfast by deiroxy
  37. breakfast by katherine_pelkey
  38. Breakfast by pond_ripple
  39. breakfast by ursula2
  40. Breakfast by heidikenney
  41. breakfast (zoom) by pennycandy
  42. Breakfast Appliances by babysisterrae
  43. Breakfast at the Shady Dell by jaydesign
  44. Breakfast At Tiffany's by mandakay
  45. Breakfast Bibs by wren_leyland
  46. Breakfast Bonanza by asilo
  47. Breakfast Buffet by auki
  48. breakfast buffet by fabgirl42
  49. Breakfast Champions by eislinn
  50. Breakfast Club by teken-ing
  51. Breakfast Deco-img145 by design_diva
  52. Breakfast Every Day! by iota1617
  53. Breakfast for One; Play Food Set/Kit by rengal
  54. breakfast for two Mg by mg
  55. Breakfast Fruit Salad by rachel_alice
  56. Breakfast in Bed by simboko
  57. Breakfast in Bed. A Quilt. by chris
  58. Breakfast in the Mouth Fair Isle by sparegus
  59. Breakfast is the Perfect Excuse to Eat Jam by dawnams
  60. Breakfast Monsters by cmerry
  61. Breakfast of Champions by palmooriginals
  62. Breakfast on Tuesday by malien00
  63. Breakfast Plaid by kaerushisho
  64. breakfast table by woo
  65. Breakfast Tartan by leighr
  66. Breakfast Time by herartsheloves
  67. Breakfast Toast by kdl
  68. breakfast with eggs by lfntextiles
  69. Breakfast! by ag_designs
  70. breakfast-ed by frances_hollidayalford
  71. breakfast2 by kdmaher
  72. BreakfastGnomes by craftberry
  73. BreakfastIcons by marygrace
  74. breakfastinparis_copy by hildebrandt
  75. breakfastpat_big by berkumpje
  76. breakfast_by_marilyn___for_fabric_contest by mailyn
  77. breakfast_doodle_pink by peppermintpatty
  78. breakfast_fabric by madeofpaperandthings_etsy_com
  79. breakfast_in_bed by cmerdian
  80. breakfast_party by wubba_zang
  81. Breakfast_Picnic by illustrative_images
  82. Brek-fuh-st by mooyie
  83. Butter & Jam on Bread by feathered_nest_studio
  84. Cafe con Leche by dna2011
  85. Cereal Variety Pack by sammyk
  86. Cerealsly sunny by treasunique
  87. cheerios by sahmcolorado
  88. chocolateglazeddonut by serenity_ii
  89. citrus_pt by eppiepeppercorn
  90. Citrus_Slices_Geometic by gingezel
  91. Coffee by ekh98
  92. Coffee – Words by studiofibonacci
  93. Coffee Coffee Coffee by eef-ink
  94. coffee shop breakfast by kec19
  95. coffee_silkscreen by liz_debellis
  96. coffeFive2011 by nikky
  97. Continental Blue by jmckinniss
  98. CRAP! The eggs are burning by bee_smiles
  99. Cupcake parade by hannafate
  100. cupcakes and strawberries by tortagialla
  101. Cut&Sew Breakfast Placemats. Please zoom! by betje
  102. Cutie Fruity Friends by marcelinesmith
  103. Dancing For Corgi Crunch Cereal by rusticcorgi
  104. Do or Donut by milktooth
  105. Donuts by mayene
  106. Donuts for Breakfast by jnifr
  107. donuts_coffee by cinqchats
  108. Dotty Delights by rushka
  109. Dutch breakfast by irrimiri
  110. Early Bird & Co. Breakfast by margaret_ladner
  111. eat&drink be merry by elliepinellie
  112. Edwards yoghurt breakfast by verycherry
  113. Eggs-01-B by denisedian
  114. eggsandbacon by morganjacobs
  115. eggs_again by beamuddy
  116. egg_cups by jumping_monkeys
  117. Electric Breakfast by raul
  118. farmers breakfast by melisse
  119. Flapjack Stack by pattysloniger
  120. flowery by fabricia_pitschi
  121. Fractal Breakfast by winter
  122. frame-ch by ndesigns
  123. fried eggs by mairi
  124. Fried Eggs Disguised as Polka Dots by isabelc
  125. Fruit for Breakfast by sarahewatson
  126. Fruit Loopy Loops by purplegoat
  127. Fruit Parfait = Le Parfait Breakfast! by bellenoel
  128. fruity choco loops by endemic
  129. Fruity Jurassic Rocks by jaana
  130. fry_pan by o2knit
  131. full breakfast by mal
  132. Go Go Go 100 by lisabarbero
  133. Good Morning Wilson by kiwiandsteve
  134. Good Morning! Good Morning! by jenniferroebuck
  135. happy breakfast by chickie
  136. hello…breakfast? by rosalilli79
  137. Humpty_Got_Pushed by whimzwhirled
  138. I just made some tea… by lali's_little_world
  139. img009 by amcentee
  140. img015 by cinnamonstreet
  141. IT'S BACON!!! by astarmiller
  142. JamJax Break Eggs by jamjax
  143. Juicy_Citrus by medúzy
  144. Kauai Breakfast by coloroncloth
  145. Kind Breakfast by laurawilson
  146. LaraGeorgine_Breakfast_Print by larageorgine
  147. Latte Art by smallgrapes
  148. Les Oeufs by kiddins
  149. Let's make crepes for breakfast! by newmom
  150. Miam : Petit déjeuner ! by faratiana
  151. Mmm Breakfast by misstiina
  152. Mod Breakfast by cynthiafrenette
  153. Morning Birds by melisza
  154. morning_gladness by beettlebuggies
  155. Murder in the Morning by tallulahdahling
  156. My breakfast by mirjana
  157. my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard by p_kok
  158. NutsForDonuts by patters
  159. Pancake in the Park by naiadkitty
  160. pancakes_2 by n@
  161. part of a balanced breakfast by nicolefiori
  162. Party at 8AM by thirdhalfstudios
  163. Petit Déjeuner by echoart
  164. Petit_déjeûner_NEW-ed by monique_caffet
  165. Pink Donut by bemusedart
  166. Plate Dating by ceanirminger
  167. plates by katia55
  168. Playing with Your (Breakfast) Food (2) by robinrice
  169. Raisin Bran Border by whatsit
  170. Retro Breakfast by melissamelissa
  171. Rise n' Shine Breakfast by tamarack
  172. Sausages by alaina_marianne
  173. Sour_Puss_Blue by nicole_tamarin
  174. Sugar and Spice by robyriker
  175. Summer House Breakfast by scrummy
  176. Sun, Moon, Breakfast by little_tiggy
  177. Sunday breakfast by itybitybags
  178. Sunday Morning by annosch
  179. Sunny side up by kimthings
  180. Sunny Side Up by mcbirch
  181. sunnyside up by luluhoo
  182. Sweet Breakfast! by debbies
  183. tea_cup_spill by cyndilou
  184. The Morning Cup of Joe by malinda
  185. The_SunnySide_U-ed by chovy
  186. Tiffany's Breakfast with the Club by tracydmc70
  187. Toast to Toast by jenimp
  188. toastonbakedbeans by missjessm
  189. toast_and_jam_pink by quirkied
  190. Tribal Breakfast by simpleflynn
  191. TurkishCoffeeClub by corinnevail
  192. Two Dots and a Dash by vilianve
  193. Vintage Breakfast by karenharveycox
  194. Waffleman and his pancake minions by dbvisualarts
  195. Waffles Anyone? by joa_designs
  196. wakey-wakey-II by bjork
  197. weekend in the country (zoom for detail) by charles_josef
  198. What's for breakfast? by theboerwar
  199. What's For Breakfast? by jennartdesigns
  200. WhichCameFirst? by Clothdog
  201. Yawning over Breakfast by KiWiCuties
  202. YUM! by stagemother
  203. Yummy Breakfast by ladycavendish
  204. Yummy Happy Morning by karaquen

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