Toiling for toiles: Sammyk wins the Civil Rights Toile de Jouy contest

JAN 27, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Wouldn't you know that on the heels of Cean Irminger's 6th Fabric Of the Week win last week, SammyK would add her 7th? Samarra's latest victory arrives in what may be the hardest fabric design contest theme we've ever come up with: creating a historical toile de Jouy fabric depicting some aspect of the struggle for Civil Rights and freedom.

After initially deciding not to enter this contest, Samarra changed her mind because, she says, she was inspired "by children, by education and learning, by those same children being our future and our hope." The description that appears on her fabric page is worth reading. For the record, Samarra's previous wins are: Celebrity SmackdowntractorsMedievalTikicocktails, and science. Congratulations to Samarra and all of the other intrepid designers who toiled for these toiles!

See the Top Ten Civil Rights Toiles

The vote totals this week were:

1. 670 votes for Teach Your Children Well: A Toile for Tots by sammyk
2. 550 votes for Civil Rights Toile by jennartdesigns
3. 433 votes for Salem Witch Trials Toile by decobot
4. 393 votes for Suffragettes: Giving women a voice by vo
5. 386 votes for Huckleberry Finn by paragon_studios_one
6. 362 votes for Rosa Rides the Bus by winter
7. 352 votes for Trail of Tears Large (zoom for details) by victorialasher
8. 337 votes for Freedom's Crossing: Underground Railroad by andreagaley
9. 256 votes for Suffragette_City by ravynka
10. 246 votes for Votes for Women Toile by babysisterrae

11. 215 votes for Free At Last by sarahwalden
12. 215 votes for Civil Rights Leaders by asilo
13. 186 votes for Have a Dream by jadegordon
14. 177 votes for Votes for Women Toile by tracydmc70
15. 165 votes for Thank You, Amelia Bloomer! by lulakiti
16. 161 votes for Robin Hood ~ Toile de Jouy by scrummy
17. 124 votes for bpp_toile_blue by janineluthe
18. 122 votes for Slavery Toile-Blue and Gold by kkitwana
19. 101 votes for Maria Clara Toile by michiela
20. 94 votes for Votes for Women by sparegus
21. 91 votes for We The People by poetryqn
22. 80 votes for The 2nd Anglo-Boer War by theboerwar
23. 76 votes for Cup of Freedom by kdl

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