Many shapes, but few hues: Vote in our palette-restricted contest for large-scale botanical prints

JAN 6, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Picnik collage

We usually hear some griping about the colors we choose for these palette-restricted contests, but I've always found that looking through the entries is a treat. Restricting the palette is one way of pushing designers out of their comfort zones, which is usually rewarding. This week's contest was for large-scale botanical designs that had to use the colors in a palette we provided (visible here). We did our best to discourage the use of gradients in this one, but in the end we didn't pull all of the entries that employed them. As usual, the voters will make the final call. There are 149 entries, so get ready to do some serious scrolling.

Vote For Your Favorite Large-Scale Botanical Prints

The participating designs and designers are:

  1. 10 by aloramyst
  2. A large botanical by feathered_nest_studio
  3. A Swirl Of Life Botanical by grannynan
  4. AH-lrg-botanical2 by ahmarie
  5. alliums all around 01 by stsannette
  6. AmarylisBotanicis2 by lpds1220
  7. An Iris Inspiration by karenharveycox
  8. Aphrodite in Love by greencouchstudio
  9. Atomic Blossom by pixeldust
  10. Autumn Play by jennartdesigns
  11. Batik flower-large-repeat-300-white-green-outline by mina
  12. Big Pond by jadegordon
  13. big yellow flower by becca_lou
  14. Big, Bright, Beautiful Botanical by lulakiti
  15. Big_Botanical2 by susieswe
  16. Bodacious Botanicals by acbeilke
  17. botanic2 by anais_eco
  18. botanical by renule
  19. botanical by kaitlinmartin
  20. BOTANICAL by mishysfire
  21. Botanical Cures from Dr. Pennington by cakeworth&penningtons
  22. Botanical Floral Sketch by locamode
  23. Botanical Kaleidoscope in Chartreuse by simboko
  24. Botanical Paradise Tree by paragon_studios_one
  25. Botanical Q by thirdhalfstudios
  26. BOTANICAL VINE by lunakat805
  27. botanical1 by peppermintpatty
  28. botanicalcrossstichpatternwhite by ravynka
  29. Botanicalorchid_3 by yvonne_herbst
  30. botanicals3 by artimated
  31. botanicalwonders by mrshervi
  32. botanical_a_2 by alexandrabridget
  33. botanical_dream2 by snork
  34. Botanical_Fern_white_Kalou_2011 by kalou
  35. botanical_leaves by oohoo
  36. BotanicleTwo2010 by nikky
  37. Bouquet Botanical by kdl
  38. Breezy Botany by sammyk
  39. Bright Botanical by pattysloniger
  40. bright flower pillow panel by leopardessmoon
  41. Bright Night Botanicals by simplysweet
  42. Brite in Spite Large Botanical by tracydmc70
  43. Christmas Bells and Golden Wattle by rhondadesigns
  44. Chrysanthemums by ninky
  45. circleflower by kate_fritts
  46. Colorblind Gardener by donna_kallner
  47. ColossalChrysanthemums by patters
  48. Copacabotanical by madam0wl
  49. cottonfabric7 by ferdinandhomestore
  50. Croton Leaves by suz#1
  51. Dad's Poppies by cmanningdesigns
  52. Daffodil_Cool150 by kikcaryn
  53. Dahlias in My Garden_ by khowardquilts
  54. Daisy Dots by annaleeblysse
  55. Dark Botanical by melisza
  56. Darlingtonia C by daniellegray
  57. dots_a_really_big_geranium by victorialasher
  58. DSC_0006 by designkat
  59. fab by bertschcreek
  60. Fibonacci Sunflowers by shala
  61. Fibonacci's Exploding Garden by candyjoyce
  62. FireFlower by jmckinniss
  63. floralfabR by hannafate
  64. flower by little_miss
  65. Flower Bouquets by magneetje
  66. FLOWERS by elfyne
  67. Flowers on Black by laurencato
  68. flowers-and-leaves201101 by dingding by dingding
  69. forest botanical by kec19
  70. Fresh Grapes by inscribed_here
  71. Fripp Palm by grace&eddie
  72. Fruit by leighr
  73. Funky Flowers by merttu
  74. funny flowers by bora
  75. groovy botanical by scrummy
  76. gumnut flower pattern by small_pie
  77. Happy botanics by marloesdevries
  78. Hibiscus (limited palette) by studiofibonacci
  79. How Does Your Garden Grow by poetryqn
  80. In the Strawberry Patch by asilo
  81. inflorescence2 by wheelbarrower
  82. Japanese Floral by sarah_chid
  83. Jardin_Botanique by snowflower
  84. Joyflowers–Zoom for max joy! by Clothdog
  85. Jungle Ferns by phorgan
  86. kelp – contest by monmeehan
  87. keukenhof tulips by aperiodic
  88. large botanical by melissamelissa
  89. Large Scale Botanical Entry by eviltwinempire
  90. largescalebotanical by sara_e
  91. Large_Botanical_30s_40s_style by rainlongson
  92. Leafy Green by design_it
  93. leaves by rosapomposa
  94. LeilaM_Botanical_Contest by hannal
  95. lily pond – botanical by uzumakijo
  96. Little Big Cactus by pikoti
  97. lotus leaves by gracedesign
  98. Lush by diane_marie
  99. Magical Fruit by newmom
  100. marigold blooms by indesign
  101. marisa by valentinaramos
  102. Melon Flowers by annabhall
  103. Merey_NYGarden by moon_child
  104. Mod Mums by vilianve
  105. moonflower_entry by kgarvey
  106. multicolor daisy large by rockpaperfabric_design
  107. natures_lace3 by dempsey
  108. natureWalk by flock
  109. Night's Climbing Beauty by robinrice
  110. olivemosaic by corinnevail
  111. paleterestrict03 by jnifr
  112. Paris Peonies by cynthiafrenette
  113. Picture_5-sunshine by mamaca
  114. Pioneer Crewel – Big Botanical by bard_judith
  115. Pollynose by avidia
  116. pop bot by modgeek
  117. poppies on black by freshcreationsbynaomi
  118. Poppy Pods by haleystudio
  119. Pretty_Bird_Botanical by flo_kraft
  120. Red and Yellow Tulips by jaana
  121. regina by regina81
  122. Releaved (Verdant) by nalo_hopkinson
  123. Ribbons and tulips from me to you by vo
  124. rose lattice by trollop
  125. Savage_Beauty by charles_josef
  126. Savannah by hhd
  127. Scattered Leaves by auki
  128. Sewed flowers by shinananas
  129. she_is_so_happy by queenbea
  130. shut your venus flytrap by babysisterrae
  131. spoonflowerdec2010b-02 by dennisthebadger
  132. spoonflowerjho contest entry by superjennylove
  133. submerged fungi by theboerwar
  134. Sun Shower Flower by t-bird
  135. Tendril Hearts by owlandchickadee
  136. TonitzaFloral by daughter_earth
  137. treboles by mg
  138. trees and birds by alicia_cabello_design
  139. Trumpet Honeysuckle Vines by wickedmint
  140. Two Flowers Brights-ed by tomatojam
  141. Vigorous Botanicals by majo_bv
  142. Water Lily Afternoon by jaydesign
  143. What's the Story, Morning Glory by winter
  144. Whimsical Botanicals by hipmama
  145. white flowers by miss_onion
  146. woodcutbotanical by circlesandsticks
  147. Zing by qwerter


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  • You know, I hate to say this but I agree with everything the above posters have said. I even went out of my way to contact a designer and let them know that gradients weren’t allowed because I could see they were new, they were gracious about it and they took the time to do a new design and then you let the first entry in anyway. So now I kind of look like a jerk all for trying to be nice:(
    Victoria is right, lots of voters don’t care about the rules, and it seems spoonflower doesn’t really either. It kind of makes me feel like next time, to hell with rules – if I fudge a little because I like other colours better, fine – you’ll let it in anyway.
    This is absolutely no reflection on spoonflower and the awesomeness that is each and every one of the staff and their absolute 200% customer service that they give. I’m kind of thinking maybe you all are TOO nice in not wanting to turn away anyone. But rules are rules and IF you have them, they should be followed otherwise they don’t mean anything.

  • I agree that “large scale” is a relative term, and since no definitions were provided on the contest page, it would be difficult to weed certain entries out.
    However, I’m a little disappointed that entries using gradients were not removed, as this was clearly prohibited within the details on the Contests page.
    Designing on a limited palette is fun and challenging, but VERY time consuming. To show respect for the time invested by those who adhered to the guidelines, competing entries should be on the same plane.
    Well, I’ve said my peace. Regardless of the above, I’m a huge fan of Spoonflower, their staff, and their customer service; and will continue to enter future contests.

  • I worked hard not to have other colors in my design, though it would have improved it. The limited palette is tough, but I usually take the challenge.
    I am glad to see the description of the theme here in the blog and the colors. I don’t believe that was in the news letter for those that hadn’t read about the contest. Oops, it wasn’t mentioned that black and white could be used, also.
    I took large to mean somewhere around life size, but that was just my idea. Large can be very relative. A quilter might consider 2 inches to be big or if the flowers portrayed are only 1/2 inch in real life, 1 inch might seem big.

  • Not only are some of the designs not using the restricted palette; but quite a few are not large scale repeats. Do you really think it’s fair to the designers who work hard to use the palette you provided; and stick to the large scale repeat, when you allow these entries to remain in the contest? Not all of the voters understand the rules; or even bother to read them.