Good Will Bunting: Jenimp wins fabric bunting kit design contest!

JAN 6, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

The contest this week between kits to make buntings — thos festive little flags that seem to be everywhere in the crafty world these days — produced a batch of lovely entries. Loveliest of all, however, was Jenimp's Dreaming of Spring Bunting by jenimp. This is her second win (remember the scanned nature object contest?) and well-deserved. Congrats, Jeni!


Final voting totals:

1. 689 votes for Dreaming of Spring Bunting by jenimp
2. 588 votes for Solar System Banner by wildolive
3. 575 votes for Litte Forest – Bunting by bora
4. 574 votes for Woodland Alphabet Bunting Kit by inktreepress
5. 509 votes for Baby Bird Bunting with Accessories by pattysloniger
6. 435 votes for Houses by stefohnee
7. 430 votes for happy_birthday by amel24
8. 420 votes for Story Book Bunting by Penelope and Pip by penelopeandpip
9. 403 votes for Mi Amor, My Love Fabric Papel Picado banner by feathered_nest_studio
10. 394 votes for Hi, ho, a merry-o: a bunting we will go (check full yard view for extras) by vo

11. 338 votes for Pirate Bunny Bunting by voodoorabbit
12. 303 votes for Banner/Bunting Kit – Pinks by jesseesuem
13. 291 votes for pieces of cake bunting by babysisterrae
14. 250 votes for bnybunting by lunakat805
15. 243 votes for Happy Birthday Indigo Bunting by jennartdesigns
16. 237 votes for retro woodland bunting by uzumakijo
17. 232 votes for Wiccked Prayer Flags by rabble
18. 229 votes for Count 'Em Up! Birthday Bunting by saraink
19. 228 votes for Fifties_Fruit_Bunting by jumping_monkeys
20. 226 votes for Welcome Bunting Set by renule
21. 211 votes for Cake & Pie Bunting = PARTY TIME!! by sammyk
22. 210 votes for French Pastry Bunting by paperstories
23. 201 votes for In The Jungle Baby Bunting by asilo
24. 183 votes for Ice Cream Bunting by poetryqn
25. 182 votes for numbers by lovefrombeth
26. 181 votes for happy_bunting by snork
27. 172 votes for Night and Day by shala
28. 172 votes for Floridia by bellenoel
29. 167 votes for animal bunting by 10yrs old Magnelette by magneetje
30. 165 votes for Goldfish Bunting by margaret_ladner
31. 154 votes for Sweet Tweet Baby: Bunting by ttoz
32. 152 votes for celtic bunting fabric by ingrid_the_crafty
33. 151 votes for Flags by jadegordon
34. 146 votes for SewingGeek BUNTING PATTERN by marywalker
35. 142 votes for Rainbow w/ Stars Flags Bunting Banner by rengal
36. 140 votes for Medieval Bunting by not-enough-time
37. 136 votes for Coffee Addict (bunting) by mayene
38. 121 votes for Electric Gypsy bunting by melissamelissa
39. 120 votes for I heart to sew bunting by jasmilly
40. 119 votes for Rock Garden Bunting by iota1617
41. 116 votes for YearOfTheRabbit by patters
42. 111 votes for International Flag Bunting #1 by pixeldust
43. 110 votes for sun bleached bunting by luluhoo
44. 107 votes for BuntingOne2010 by nikky
45. 94 votes for goose_and_hen by annesalome
46. 94 votes for 1… 2… 3… purple butterflies by annosch
47. 92 votes for Bunting Kit: Birthdays, Babies, & Love by greencouchstudio
48. 91 votes for ladybird bunting by small_pie
49. 88 votes for sugar bunting by scrummy
50. 86 votes for Plum Blossom, Maple and Gingko under the Stars by haleystudio
51. 82 votes for bunting_copy by ravynka
52. 75 votes for Bunting Flags by kristopherk
53. 67 votes for Summer Camp memory bunting by tracydmc70
54. 66 votes for joyeux fanion by elfyne
55. 62 votes for Bigtop Bunting by kiddins
56. 61 votes for welcome_bunting by victorialasher
57. 60 votes for NatureBunting-BlytheAyne by blythe
58. 60 votes for Bunting_O__Greetings by tammikins
59. 54 votes for Horiscope_Bunting_-_Zodia_Colors by rainlongson
60. 46 votes for Pastel Dot Bunting by graciegan
61. 45 votes for Feathered Friends Flags Bunting by kdl
62. 24 votes for TEAM FLAGS: pink vs blue or stripes vs paisley by cestlaviv
63. 11 votes for William and Catherine by angela_s
64. 6 votes for A Red White & Blue Bunting by grannynan

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