Fool Fabric Fiesta: Vote in Spoonflower’s jokers & fools contest

JAN 27, 2011 updated May 30, 2016

Fool collage2
The Fabric Of the Week contest theme this week is jokers & fools, which has a long and illustrious tradition as an artistic subject. Believe it or not, the person who wrote to suggest that we make fools the subject of a fabric design contest is actually theofficial jester of the city of Milwaukee. Who knew that there were official fools! [Please commence sardonic commentary here.] Of course the real fools' contest this month will, arguably, be the Spoonflower staff design contest… coming up next week!

Vote For Jokers & Fools Fabrics

Participating designs and designers this week are:

  1. 23 jesters and 1 fool by betje
  2. A Jesters Party by quiltsmith
  3. Acrobatic Jesters & Fools by simboko
  4. ArtyClownDoll by grannynan
  5. bouffons du carnaval chien by rusticcorgi
  6. clown by elfyne
  7. Clown by hikje
  8. Clownery by savime
  9. clownettas by scrummy
  10. Clowning Around in Red by zesti
  11. Clowns&buttons! by bora
  12. clowns_around by marygrace
  13. clown_and_his_friends by dingding
  14. Clown_Fun by meadow
  15. Clown_Toss_21x18___72dpi-ed-ed-ed by cordeliaslillisa
  16. collection of clowns noses by shiny
  17. Commedia dell'arte by shirayukin
  18. Court Jester by jennartdesigns
  19. Crayon the Clown by paragon_studios_one
  20. Crows Clowning Around by cynthiafrenette
  21. DigiCommedia Harlequin by marg_marg
  22. Do not feel like algebra? by annosch
  23. Fool by amarina
  24. foolish knave or bard of infinite possibilities? by vo
  25. Fools by theboerwar
  26. Fools Rush In by whatsit
  27. green payasos by mg
  28. Happy Clowns by missyjones
  29. Happy Jester Day by melisza
  30. Happy Jesters by fuzzyskyfabric
  31. Happy Whimsical Jester Pattern by tortagialla
  32. imprimé_clown_4 by nephilim
  33. It's a Hoot Confetti by kdl
  34. JACKinBOX by peppermintpatty
  35. Jester by jadegordon
  36. Jester by missjessm
  37. Jester by iizzard
  38. jester by purple*zebra
  39. Jester Cap Circles by dawnams
  40. Jester Dolls by michiela
  41. Jester's toys by tracydmc70
  42. Jester-01-pattern by denisedian
  43. Jesters by pond_ripple
  44. Jesters by stefohnee
  45. JestersGestures by tallulahdahling
  46. jesters_n_fools by janiris
  47. Jester_and_clowns_B_8_Picnik_collage by khowardquilts
  48. jester_pattern2 by aninkling
  49. jokers by kec19
  50. Jokers aren't fool by faratiana
  51. jokers jumping up and down by stsannette
  52. Jokers_and_fools_contest2011 by nikky
  53. jokesandfools-rdewing by rdewing
  54. jolly jesters by gracedesign
  55. jumping jesters by melissamelissa
  56. Lady Jokers by catru
  57. LastScan-ed-ed by bertschcreek
  58. les-fous2011 by kalou
  59. Little Clown ( zoom as usual:) by newmom
  60. Love Fools by majo_bv
  61. Lunatic Clown Nightmare (please ZOOM) by potbellybears
  62. Mardigras by glimmericks
  63. Medieval Jesters by rengal
  64. Mejo Memento by jmckinniss
  65. Mercy_Percy (click zoom for clearer picture) by victorialasher
  66. Mime your own business. by babysisterrae
  67. monkey_jester by amel24
  68. Picture by la_belle_avenue
  69. Pierrot's Pleasant Dream by jaana
  70. Razzle-Dazzle Dunces by kristi_oh
  71. Scared Yet? by supercoop
  72. send in the clowns by heidikenney
  73. Silly Wiggle Scribble by decobot
  74. spades by regina81
  75. spoonflower1-2 by aundi
  76. Sunflower Fools by evamarion
  77. Tears of a Clown by spellstone
  78. The Crow Jester by kiwiandsteve
  79. The Fool by farrellart
  80. The_Acrobuffos by jumping_monkeys
  81. The_juggler_and_the_joker by saraheveleth
  82. Tumbling Jesters by poetryqn
  83. Wanna See Me Juggle?? by sunflower1974
  84. Wiccked Jester Hats by rabble

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  • Glad you noticed that, Victoria! There are many clowns in the contest. Maybe the voting page should include the information that designers are given pertaining to the theme and requirements of each contest.
    Yes, the origin of the theme suggestion is interesting reading, but the contest requirements are more important to me as a contestant.

  • I just noticed that you don’t mention clowns in the post; and they were included in the original theme for this contest. Clowns aren’t really the same thing as fools and jesters, or jokers; so some people might feel that entries depicting clowns are off theme.