Spoonflower Year In Review: Top 10 Most Viewed Fabric Designs for 2010

JAN 4, 2011

As 2011 gets going, we've got another data-laden look back at dear, departed 2010 for those of you who follow the adventures of the intrepid, fabric-loving Internet start-up we call Spoonflower.

Below are the top ten most viewed fabric pages on Spoonflower between January 1, 2010 and January 1, 2011. Note that these are not necessarily the top-selling fabrics, but they are — for whatever reason — the most popular in terms of pageviews.

  1. Owl be darned! apron pattern by Ceanirminger 
  2. Dingleberry plaid (regretsy designer print) fabric by Pantsmonkey
  3. Houndstooth-blk Fabric by Mysteek 
  4. Multi_owls_-_white_background fabric by Petunias 
  5. Birdhouse Fabric by Troismiettes
  6. Cherry Fabric by Troismiettes 
  7. Woodland fabric by Lydia_meiying
  8. Alice vintage border and text fabric by Ophelia 
  9. Tetris border print fabric by Chronicallyuncool
  10. Spoon_flower_cakes Fabric by Daniellehanson 

Next up, we'll post the top ten blogs that wrote about Spoonflower in 2010 as measured by people who visited our site based on links from those blogs, as well as the top ten referring web sites!

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