New Contest: Vote For Your Favorite Time-Travel Fabrics

DEC 9, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Time-travel collage
I can already hear some of you sighing as you go through these designs, but time travel is in the eye of the beholder. Plus we're in the middle of the holiday rush, hours before our open house, and just too dang busy to do much pruning. So this week we've left almost everything in. If it doesn't seem time-travely to you, then move on. I consider this week's contest an important step toward our goal of securing Spoonflower's place as the geekiest fabric store on the planet.

Vote For Time Travel Fabrics

The participating designs and designers are:

  1. "timey wimey…. stuff" by scrummy
  2. 1500 broad sheet by everzalez
  3. 3010_Tourist by gingezel
  4. Around the House by erin_lebeau
  5. Clocks throughout the ages by nickeyfabs
  6. Clocks_of_Time by woolybumblebee
  7. Comfy by twodozen
  8. cushion by greenkaijyu
  9. Doctor Huh? by ormolu
  10. DSC09807 by orlov012
  11. Flux Capacitance by mayene
  12. Flux Capacitor by kahoxworth
  13. Flying Carpet by not-enough-time
  14. Fractal Fantasy Time Warp by grannynan
  15. Glow by eessex
  16. GreatAuntWisdom_1-ed by furuichi
  17. How Time Flies by kdl
  18. Hypnotic Apple Woman – tiny by blueberryblonde
  19. Improvisation in Time by kiddins
  20. In a Future Age by leighr
  21. In The Zone by t-bird
  22. Just Cuckoo by sammyk
  23. Light of Time by angelgreen
  24. Madman in a Blue Box by studiofibonacci
  25. martini by cherthebear
  26. no_one_said_it_would_be_easy by annada
  27. OUTATIME by ourdailythread
  28. Pharoah's palace by treasunique
  29. Professor Glaucomy's Mad Flight by rayne
  30. route_66v2_-4-final by brian_j_
  31. SEE_YOU_THERE by margart
  32. Star-Light – Ice by inscribed_here
  33. Steam Punk V by robinrice
  34. The Fabric of Time by sarahwalden
  35. The Unraveling of Space-Time by winter
  36. time after time after time by tracydmc70
  37. Time Bubbles by annaboo
  38. Time Flies by melissamelissa
  39. Time Geeks by eislinn
  40. Time has no hold on him! by imuneek
  41. Time Is A Man Made Concept by poetryqn
  42. Time Machine by jadegordon
  43. Time To Foxtrot by kristi_oh
  44. Time Travel Express ( zoom for details, please) by newmom
  45. Time Travel Green by vinpauld
  46. Time Travel Map by jenimp
  47. Time Travel Metamorphosis by kamiekazee
  48. Time Travel, Literally by beii
  49. Time traveler by paragon_studios_one
  50. Time Travels in the Snow by alpaca_lady
  51. Time Turner by jackiehahnillustration
  52. Time Twist by melisza
  53. time warp by sara_e
  54. Time Warp by lowa84
  55. Time's on Vacation! by majo_bv
  56. Time-Travel by myrch
  57. TIMETRAVEL by jnifr
  58. TimeTravel by charldia
  59. TimeTravellingPhrases by dawnams
  60. Time_Fabric2 by christy_brokens
  61. time_travel_using_wings by sharibowden
  62. Time_Warp by vilianve
  63. travel through the fabric of time by uzumakijo
  64. ttt – technology time travel (for details please enlarge) by annosch
  65. tumbling time by kec19
  66. Vintage Hats Through Time (Grey) by greencouchstudio

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