Fabric Of the Week winner twice in a row? Really? Congrats again to Steph Devino!

DEC 2, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Stephanie Devino, who is relatively new to Spoonflower and still in art school, has managed to pull off her second Fabric Of the Week win in a row for our candles-themed contest. Either she has a special talent for holiday-themed fabric designs or she's well on her way to becoming one of our all-time champs. Way to go, Steph! Impressive.


The final vote totals appear below. Thanks to the designers!

1. 676 votes for candlespink by stefohnee
2. 489 votes for Spirit by jasmo
3. 439 votes for Candles by kasei_lee
4. 436 votes for flamingpinks by mrshervi
5. 408 votes for Candle Dripping by isabelc
6. 356 votes for By candle and star light by erinibbertson
7. 327 votes for candles and baubles on red by susieswe
8. 322 votes for Gooey Birthday by auki
9. 313 votes for Stained Glass Glow by sammyk
10. 307 votes for Illuminatta: Generaciones de mujeres iluminan el camino by vo

11. 303 votes for Red Candles by bora
12. 286 votes for Red Votive Candles by pennycandy
13. 269 votes for Sconce by kellyjean
14. 264 votes for candles by oohoo
15. 262 votes for liberace_candelabra by fippa
16. 257 votes for collage candles by scrummy
17. 255 votes for The Light Forest by majo_bv
18. 246 votes for merryAndBright5 by flock
19. 230 votes for Illuminated by kdl
20. 227 votes for Candles & Wreaths by newmom
21. 220 votes for Birthday Candles by mk-designs
22. 208 votes for Winter Lights Swirl by jenimp
23. 197 votes for candles by jnifr
24. 186 votes for By Candlelight by siya
25. 172 votes for Well Lit by inscribed_here
26. 171 votes for Chinese sky lanterns by babysisterrae
27. 155 votes for Drip Candles by melisza
28. 150 votes for Flaming Wiccked by rabble
29. 143 votes for The Secret Dreams of Candle-lit Creatures by madeleine13
30. 141 votes for blue candle line by luluhoo
31. 138 votes for IMG_0003-duckegg by maliperdeaux
32. 135 votes for Fairy Lake Christmas by karenharveycox
33. 132 votes for Midnight Snack by mayene
34. 132 votes for silent night by kec19
35. 127 votes for Wall of flame by teken-ing
36. 125 votes for XMASCANDLES by frances"fancy_felter"
37. 123 votes for Light O' Mine by dynasty_b
38. 119 votes for lantern parade by erin_lebeau
39. 115 votes for Candles by elishka`
40. 114 votes for Neopolitan Birthday Cakes by asilo
41. 105 votes for celtcandle1a by ingrid_the_crafty
42. 104 votes for Candlelight Chorus by lulakiti
43. 102 votes for Fairy Lights by zesti
44. 94 votes for Hand Dipped Candles for the Holidays by simboko
45. 90 votes for With_Stars by peppermintbay
46. 87 votes for nutcracker_candles by peppermintpatty
47. 83 votes for Santa Lucia crown pattern by melissamelissa
48. 71 votes for christmascandles2 by elcynae
49. 69 votes for Birthday Cup Cakes by sezblack1977
50. 67 votes for Flying candles red by evamarion
51. 67 votes for Light_up_the_Darkness_aqua by bee&lotus
52. 66 votes for Make a Wish by tortagialla
53. 65 votes for honey_to_flame by indigogarden
54. 64 votes for LetThereBeLight by patters
55. 57 votes for festive candles by uzumakijo
56. 56 votes for Let There Be Peace On Earth by sarahwalden
57. 55 votes for Flame In Elle! by joa_designs
58. 49 votes for Skully Christmas by puncezilla
59. 40 votes for Melting In Love by beii
60. 38 votes for A christmas candle scene by shiny
61. 37 votes for candles_three by mitchkeith
62. 33 votes for Candy Colored Candles by kristi_oh
63. 30 votes for candles-vee by vee-melb
64. 30 votes for Flame by cmanningdesigns
65. 28 votes for Candle Light by debbiegirl
66. 27 votes for Peace Candles by cosebelle8
67. 25 votes for Light_of_the_World by charldia
68. 16 votes for Christmas Centerpiece by winter
69. 10 votes for Presents in front of the lit Tree by chovy
70. 9 votes for Double Inspiration by robinrice
71. 5 votes for Candles Glow by line_deco

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