2011 Tea-Towel Calendar Template… so you can design your own tea-towel calendar!

DEC 2, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

2011 tea towel calendarFor those of you wondering how to make your own 2011 tea towel calendars to print on Spoonflower, below is a calendar template to get you started.

We're a bit late posting this, given that our 2-for-1 tea towel sale ends tomorrow (Friday, Dec. 3), but better late than never. There's still almost a month to go before the New Year starts.

Download 2011 Tea-Towel Calendar Template In MS Word Format

Download 2011 Tea-Towel Calendar Template as a PDF

If you download the Word version, you can edit the fonts and colors as you wish, then save the file as a PDF that can be imported into a graphics program like Photoshop, or the much cheaper Pixelmator (for Macs only).

If you're in a hurry, just download and import the PDF we've set up. Please note that, while I dearly love Google docs, importing the .doc file into Google docs will mangle the formatting. I haven't tried it, but it might survive the transition to OpenOffice, however.

For our tea-towel calendar, Stephanie and I scanned some fall leaves on our office scanner, then I outlined them in Pixelmator and pasted the leaves around the edges of the PDF calendar layer I had imported.

I also photographed, on a white paper background, a few pine cones, nuts and leaves. By playing with the brightness and contrast in the finished photo, I managed to get rid of any shadows in the background of the images. Then — just as with the leaves — I pasted the individual elements (as transparent PNGs) into new layers in the calendar file in Pixelmator. IMG_7280

The resulting calendar is set up to fit on a fat-quarter of quilting weight cotton (21" x 18"), but I'm printing it on linen-cotton canvas, which will make a sturdier tea towel.

<— Here it is coming off one of our printers!

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