Cut & Sew Stockings: Congrats to Steph Devino, the winner of our latest design contest!

NOV 26, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Picnik collage
Stephanie Devino, a senior from The Maryland Institute College of Art, came out on top in our contest to create a one-yard pattern for making a Christmas stocking. This was another close one! The runner-up by Nadja Petremand was second by a handful of votes, but all of the stocking kits are fantastic and would make lovely, unique, handmade gifts. Thanks to all the participanting designers!

See the Top Ten Stocking Patterns

The final votes:

1. 697 votes for Christmas Stocking by stefohnee
2. 690 votes for "Noël en Russie" by nadja_p
3. 536 votes for Stained Glass Nutcracker Stockings by sammyk
4. 533 votes for Advent Calendar Mini Stocking Garland by monmeehan
5. 469 votes for Elf Made Stocking Kit by ceanirminger
6. 411 votes for Expandable Christmas Tube Sock by ttoz
7. 399 votes for Winter Bird Stocking by jenimp
8. 379 votes for Crazy Christmas Stockings! by bora
9. 364 votes for penguin_stocking by modgeek
10. 353 votes for Five Fancy Feet by mytinystar

11. 339 votes for birds__stocking by antoniamanda
12. 338 votes for Yule_stocking by peppermintpatty
13. 325 votes for Shoe Stockings by lauredesigns
14. 319 votes for Poinsettia Christmas Stocking by 13blackcatsdesigns
15. 289 votes for Prancer Christmas Stocking pattern by kamiekazee
16. 276 votes for Red-nosed Doggy by majo_bv
17. 273 votes for Roller Skate Stockings by babysisterrae
18. 262 votes for Advent Stocking Garland by oddlyolive
19. 245 votes for Happy Sew Lucky Sneaker stocking by happysewlucky
20. 242 votes for Sleigh_Ride by elishka`
21. 235 votes for Cowboy_Christmas_Stockings by jumping_monkeys
22. 207 votes for Holiday Stocking: Santa's Little Reindeer Helper by simboko
23. 199 votes for Tucked in at the North Pole Stocking Kit by asilo
24. 197 votes for 'Holly & Ivy' Christmas Stocking by hauteideas
25. 194 votes for santassocksstockings2011A by tracydmc70
26. 194 votes for ElfishStockings by debajoe
27. 192 votes for Patchwork Stocking by kec19
28. 191 votes for 4catdreamingcelticstockings by ingrid_the_crafty
29. 185 votes for Embellish! by melissamelissa
30. 175 votes for christmas_stockings by henrietta_blume
31. 163 votes for For_the_good_and_the_bad by mrshervi
32. 157 votes for Funky Stocking by debbiek
33. 153 votes for Krampus Stocking by thirdhalfstudios
34. 148 votes for Snowflake Stockings by loveolamb
35. 147 votes for Bird Stocking by deesignor
36. 145 votes for Christmas_with_the_Deers! by chezmargot
37. 138 votes for Stocking Up for the Holidays by inscribed_here
38. 136 votes for BIG SCRUMMY CHRISTMAS STOCKING AND BUNTING FLAGS (extra on linen) by scrummy
39. 124 votes for Imp-y Christmas by potbellybears
40. 114 votes for Christmas Stocking with Two Hanging Hearts by tortagialla
41. 111 votes for Mini stocking sampler w/ ornaments by puncezilla
42. 104 votes for classic stockings by shiny
43. 103 votes for NaughtyOrNiceStockingPanel by tammikins
44. 102 votes for Christmas Flair Cut-and-Sew by lesliescoop
45. 97 votes for Peaceful Children around the World Stocking by amy_lou_who
46. 93 votes for Winter Stocking by jadegordon
47. 90 votes for Dove decorates branches with ribbon by haleystudio
48. 86 votes for Seahorse Canes by paragon_studios_one
49. 66 votes for Seuss-ian's Greetings Stocking by winter
50. 65 votes for The Heart of Christmas – Stocking Kit by rhondadesigns
51. 55 votes for 4 Holiday Floral Cheer Stockings Kit on a yard by kdl
52. 46 votes for stockings by pedilu
53. 45 votes for rosapomposa by rosapomposa
54. 43 votes for snowflakestocking by cattails
55. 42 votes for Babe_In_the_Straw_personalized by heidikaether
56. 37 votes for Winter Wizards Stocking Pattern by kristi_oh
57. 37 votes for Its_Christmas_Dude by chrmng_industries
58. 32 votes for Christmas Stocking by leighr
59. 20 votes for socks by jnifr

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