Upcoming fabric design contests: natural objects, doll clothes, woodland creatures, tea-towel calendars

OCT 4, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Upcoming Fabric Of the Week contest themes:

Vampires! Submit a design with vampires as its theme. Entries will preview at a fat quarter (21" x 18"). Deadline is Tuesday, October 5. [No Twilight images, please!]

Scanned Nature Items. You know you can create fabric design using leaves, right? Create a fabric design for this contest using a scanner and some items from nature — leaves, flowers, acorns, etc. Editing to clean-up and create repeats is fine, but please use minimal digital manipulation. Deadline is Tuesday, October 12.

18" Doll Clothes. On a fat quarter of quilting cotton (21" x 18"), submit a cut & sew pattern for clothing designed to fit 18" dolls. Please include instructions in the design itself. Deadline is Tuesday, October 19.

Woodland Creatures. Submit a design featuring one or more woodland creatures. Entries will preview at a fat quarter (21" x 18"). Deadline is Tuesday, October 26.

tea-towel calendar on linen-cotton2011 Tea-Towel Calendars. Submit a 2011 calendar design that will fit onto a fat quarter of our quilting-weight cotton fabric (21 inches x 18 inches), centered. Deadline is Tuesday, November 2.

Celebrity Fabric Design Smackdown. A very special contest (with some very special participants) to help kick off November. Details to be announced. Stay tuned!


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  • I’m working on a design for the cut-and-sew doll 18″ clothing contest. It’s pretty challenging working within the constraints of that 18 x 21 !
    How much unprinted area within those dimensions do I need to plan for? I am assuming that possibly a full 18 x 21 doesn’t really print. Is that true, or can I count on that entire area? Also I may be able to design in unprinted area as part of the seam (wouldn’t that be great?), if I know how much unprinted overhang there is.
    My dolls want to make sure their new creations are cut right!
    Thanks in advance

  • Natalie, lots of artists creating these tea-towel calendars make the templates themselves by hand. There are certainly sites that will generate calendars for you — I think MS Word may do it as well — but the templates are not very expressive or original. We posted a template last year after the contest, which we may try to do again this year at some point.

  • Just curious, where do people get templates for calendars that large? I am having trouble finding the actual calendar part. The rest of my design is ready to go!