This contest sucks! More vampire fabrics than you can shake a stake at.

OCT 7, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

This week's Fabric Of the Week contest is full of fabrics that will look great on handmade trick or treat bags. The theme is vampires, and you've got 94 fabrics to peruse as you vote for your favorites. We'll expose the winner to the light of day next Thursday.


The participating designers this week are:

  1. 021 by nepranomican
  2. After the party by rabble
  3. animal vampires by raz_1008
  4. B Positive with Good Dental Hygiene by gomakeme
  5. batface-ch-ch by koffeycakes
  6. Bats At Dawn by kdl
  7. bewareofvampiremuffins by ravynka
  8. bitten by macsuibhne
  9. Bitten Fleur-de-Lis – large by owlandchickadee
  10. BOO by asilo
  11. Buffy's Not Invited by yourfriendamy
  12. Cartoon Vampires by riamelin
  13. Cold Fury by elfiedoughnut
  14. Count Barkula by missyq
  15. CUTE VAMPY POLKA by scrummy
  16. Dapper Vampire "Charles" by bee_smiles
  17. Dracula in Love by pikoti
  18. Dress Up With Squee – Count Squeecular by voodoorabbit
  19. Drop dead bloody by evamarion
  20. DW Vamp's by paragon_studios_one
  21. For the Love of the Night by sabs
  22. Gackt Vampire by parklanegirl
  23. Gone Batty by auki
  24. halloween_pattern by reneerivas
  25. Holy Rain Water (see zoom) by ttoz
  26. i scream, you scream by surlybirdstudio
  27. If Vampires Had Reflections by oranshpeel
  28. It's not all about coffins by keskha
  29. jordnöt vampire by wildolive
  30. Keep_on_Suckin_ by morningrose
  31. kiss_of__the_vampire by beena_singhal
  32. kleinen_vampiren by mariapopia
  33. Lestat de Lioncourt by rykan
  34. Little Vampires by betje
  36. Lonely, I'm Mr. Lonely by vo
  37. Luscious Fangs by amyelyse
  38. Midnight Ball by decobot
  39. naughty_vampire by lauram
  40. Nosferatu in Scarlet by madeleine13
  41. Nosferatu on the Sea by crafty_mcgee
  42. Nosferatu7 by qpdoll
  43. Pumpculas by patters
  44. Re-Vamped Damask by pattysloniger
  45. Secret Life of Nosferatu by thirdhalfstudios
  46. Self Portrait, Vamp by nalo_hopkinson
  47. Shy Vampire by ibcfan
  48. socktoepus by chewytulip
  49. sock_monkey_vampires by hollishammonds
  50. sweet_vampires by annnna
  51. The Tale of Trixie the Vampire Slayer by lulakiti
  52. The Undead, Abed by ceanirminger
  53. Vamp-Coke zer0+ by majo_bv
  54. Vampies by jadegordon
  55. vampire by malien00
  56. VAMPIRE by cvale
  57. Vampire by starsparrow
  58. vampire by leathy
  59. Vampire Animals by eislinn
  60. Vampire Bat & Owl by kiddins
  61. Vampire Bat purple by skillyt
  62. Vampire Boy by robinrice
  63. Vampire Bunny & Bat Bunny Friends by oddlyolive
  64. vampire cupcakes by annaboo
  65. Vampire Guardian Nutcracker by quiltsmith
  66. Vampire Kanji by lowa84
  67. Vampire Kawaii by emuattacks
  68. Vampire Movie Night! by sammyk
  69. Vampire Owls by deesignor
  70. Vampire Pig Watercolor by sharonfosterart
  71. vampire shmampire by mytinystar
  72. vampire steak by motobus
  73. Vampire Stripes by siya
  74. Vampire Tears by kkitwana
  75. vampire weeknight by KiWiCuties
  76. vampire8 by cht222
  77. Vampirechild by zin
  78. vampires by lola_fermarc
  79. Vampires by mondkanikel
  80. vampires & wolves by teken-ing
  81. vampires at dusk by simboko
  82. vampires night out by uzumakijo
  83. Vampires of the ocean- Black by newmom
  84. vampires-2 by kiwiandsteve
  85. vampires_on_skewers by peppermintpatty
  86. Vampires__Bats__and_Fangs_Oh_My__001 by eatsleepsew
  87. vampire_fabric by farrellart
  88. Vampire_Stripes by jumping_monkeys
  89. Vampire_tr_copy by moonduster
  90. Vamps (red) by leighr
  91. vamp_lips by katsanders
  92. Vlad the Cute by atomicbunnie
  93. Voodoo Vampire by potbellybears
  94. WhenPigsFly by charldia

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