Kawaii fabrics! 162 swatches of pure cuteness. Vote for your favorites.

SEP 23, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

The Fabric Of the Week contest theme for this round — kawaii, or the Japanese pop cultural phenom of 'cuteness' — drew a LOT of entries. We decided not to quibble about what did or did not qualify, so this week's voting pages include all 162 entries. Tune in next week to find out which fabric inspires the most kawaii love!


The participating designers this week are:

  1. 2gether 4ever by surlybirdstudio
  2. A Few Very Kawaii Halloweenies – Orange by lulakiti
  3. A Six Year Old's Kawaii Pokemon by eislinn
  4. A Walloping Winking Warbler (Fat Quarter Version) by owlandchickadee
  5. Adventures of Finn by avelis
  6. Alice in Fabricland by melisza
  7. Angry Knitting Beaver by lindsay_henricks
  8. Anime hairstyles by happyhangaround
  9. around_&_around by majo_bv
  10. awwwwww by mariapopia
  11. Bacon makes everything better… by wildolive
  12. Bear and Cross Honey Dippers by miki_the_artist
  13. BEAR PICNIC BG 1200×1200 by iamdanielcash
  14. Berry Happy Breakfast by winter
  15. blondepoptart7's shape glyph by blondepoptart7
  16. Bunny Squee Fabric – Hearts by voodoorabbit
  17. bunny, duck, pig by farrellart
  18. bunnywunny by giolou
  19. Butterfly and Flowers by tamara_henderson
  20. Cartoon Ninjas by studiofibonacci
  21. cartoon_car by hollishammonds
  22. CatStrawberry by triciatharp
  23. Chai by srbracelin
  24. chance of sprinkles by bubbledog
  25. Charlie the Donkey in the Forest by mayabella
  26. Cherry Blossom Geisha Kawaii by zesti
  27. coffee_break_1_copy by itybitybags
  28. crawling_with_kawaii by chewytulip
  29. Critter Jamboree orange by mytinystar
  30. Cute Alien 2 by shala
  31. Cute Cuddly Crocs…kinda… by ttoz
  32. Cute Friends by we_love_patterns
  33. CUTE GIRLS by tgraphics
  34. Cute Kits Chorus by kdl
  35. Cute Mice by mandyd
  36. Cyclops! by koffeycakes
  37. dalmatiner by felicitate88
  38. Delicious! by izolas
  39. DoodleSong by auki
  40. Dottie the Boston Terrier by swd
  41. double cute by leathy
  42. Dust Bunnies by leighr
  43. Exotic Pets by davidmatthewparker
  44. Expecting parents by newmom
  46. finaldesign_copy by Tasha
  47. flotsam green by flotsam
  48. Forest Friends by pattysloniger
  49. fruit and veggie madness by heidikenney
  50. geragee by geragee
  51. ghosties_with_flowers by mochipan
  52. gumball sushi by thicblackoutline
  53. happy autumn, blue sky (ZOOM VIEW) by weavingmajor
  54. Happy Elephants by gracedesign
  55. Happy Hearts by oranshpeel
  56. Happy Tofu by fauxfauna
  57. how does your kawaii garden grow? by uzumakijo
  58. HummingBirdS-ed-ed-ed-ed by bee_smiles
  59. I Love the 80s! by kukubee
  60. Ice Cream by louisebroomhead
  61. It's all in the air by shiny
  62. Itty Bitty Friends by dixie_girl
  63. Japanese_Dolls by cherii
  64. Jelly Bean Sprouts by cateanevski
  65. JUNGAWAII by scrummy
  66. Kaaui by cvale
  67. kawai by elfyne
  68. kawaii by matthandlersux
  70. kawaii by socreate_uk
  71. Kawaii Animals and Stars by mondkanikel
  72. Kawaii Art by koala_prints
  73. Kawaii Can-Do Girls by carollynnborstdesigns
  74. Kawaii Christmas by hipmama
  75. Kawaii Five-O by ceanirminger
  76. Kawaii flower by dragonflys
  77. Kawaii Friends by smilerecipe
  78. Kawaii girls by debbiegirl
  79. Kawaii Hawaii by jenimp
  80. Kawaii Kewtie by missandree
  81. Kawaii Kitchen by bella_modiste
  82. kawaii kitty tote bag pattern (1yrd) by p_kok
  83. kawaii under the sea by motobus
  84. Kawaii Weather by isabelchun
  85. kawaii-baby by jmckinniss
  86. kawaii: happy critters by simboko
  87. kawaiicutedark by maruqui
  88. kawaiii_umbrellas by snork
  89. KawaiiPatternbyPenelopeandPip by penelopeandpip
  90. Kawaiisimodo and Friends! by sammyk
  91. kawaiispaceboy by jnifr
  92. Kawaii_02_001 by eatsleepsew
  93. kawaii_3 by longarms
  94. kawaii_all_over_the_world_21x18 by thepeaches
  95. kawaii_hearts_in_pink-ed by hannak
  96. Kawaii_Kids by morningrose
  97. kawaii_simon by hevilja
  98. kawai_frame_HD_colours by grenouille
  99. Kawalloween by yourfriendamy
  100. Kimono animals by uni
  101. Kitch animal and bow print by rocking_horse_prints_
  102. KoiandRocks by indigojess
  103. Kokeshi Dollhead Blossom by gjurasicpark
  104. kuwai girls floral gardenjpg by fiona_mcdonald_juicyapple
  105. KwaiiBunnies4 by visualbacon
  106. lady turtle on night out by jaja
  107. LaLa by surfacerender
  108. lemming_merengue by victorialasher
  109. let's bake by anda
  110. Little Boxes by feebeedee
  111. Lolita Kawaii by rykan
  112. magic forest by nadjagirod
  113. makodonoran by jevaart
  114. Melee Floral by decobot
  115. Noodle Bowls Yum by KiWiCuties
  116. Northern Pals by kiddins
  117. Olivia Hootington by pink007
  118. On a Sunny Afternoon by vo
  119. owls by stefohnee
  120. owl_pattern by kokopenguin
  121. panda-fun-ch by namastemama
  122. pandas by thelazygiraffe
  123. Party in the bathroom! by debbies
  124. Penguin Party – Blue by papersparrow
  125. Poggies by swirlscape
  126. punny_kawaii by rhymeswithfun
  127. put the lime in the coconut by annaboo
  128. Rabbits by ag_designs
  129. Rainbow Delight by monique7500
  130. RainingCats_DogsFatQuarter by daughter_earth
  131. Rainy Day Stinkers by pixeldust
  132. red_flowers by angelgreen
  133. rose_girl by peppermintpatty
  134. Sewing Friends Small Scale Print by fantastictoys
  135. Sew_Kawaii by jumping_monkeys
  136. Singing Doll Boy – Small Dolls by tortagialla
  137. Skunk Funk by everybody`s_starling
  138. Smiley_Rainbow_Cloud_pattern_1 by joeyc
  139. StarSparrow by starsparrow
  140. Star_Fall_2 by limedrop
  141. Strawberry Hedgehog by riamelin
  142. Sugar Overload by babybubbleco
  143. Sunshine Cuties by clown
  144. Super happy fun days! by teamkitten
  145. Sushi Pig by tammysieirng
  146. SUSHI_ICONS by samtronika
  147. Sweet Bunnies Check (blue) by trirose
  148. Sweet Carousel by Lauren Magpie by lmagpie
  149. Tailoress Tess by ikki_pokki
  150. Talk Nerdy to Me by milktooth
  151. Tea Time! by bora
  152. template by ferrin
  153. The Cats by jadegordon
  154. The Cute Outdoors by tinornament
  155. The Kokeshi Girls by erinibbertson
  156. toasted marshmallows by babysisterrae
  157. Triplets by duchess
  158. What_the_HAT? by charldia
  159. Wind Up Bunnies by pocketcarnival
  160. Yippee Ha Ha by pixo
  161. yummy foods by berrysprite
  162. yummy_stuff by charleydreams

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