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SEP 9, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

BORDER collage
We had a whole heap of border prints submitted for this week's contest, and there is some amazing work in the group. I did not do a very good job providing guidance for folks who weren't sure exactly what constituted a border print and what did not, but the general idea was to collect designs engineered so that the placement of print on the fabric itself was central to the effect. Apologies to the people who were not sure what we were after. Many of the prints in this week's contest would make amazing skirts, table runners, and the like. Have fun voting… we'll announce a winner next Thursday.


The participating designers this week are:

  1. Butterfly Border by carollynnborstdesigns
  2. 4 seasons bp by hevilja
  3. 52" x Magnolia Little Gem – Dark Spice – 1 yard panel © Kristopher K 2009 by kristopherk
  4. A flowergarden border by shiny
  5. A Good Ship by paragon_studios_one
  6. A Script Border Large by karenharveycox
  7. Afternoon in The Grotto by feebeedee
  8. ANewElegance by missasher
  9. arborvitae 1 border by monmeehan
  10. Batik-horses-linen54in-double-border by mina
  11. Blue Border by jadegordon
  12. Blue Skull Border by jnifr
  13. bodrish by p_kok
  14. Border Birdies by ttoz
  15. Border_Fabric_Daylily-Large by ann_at_spaniel_hill
  16. border_print_copy by amel24
  17. Bulgarian Buttons by haleystudio
  18. butterfly_garden_3 by peggy's_pieces
  19. Calm Leaf Boarder by duchess
  20. carouselborder by hannafate
  21. Cascading Leaf Flowers Border Print by kdl
  22. Cave Scribbles Border Double by karendel
  23. celtic knotwork border by kaeledra
  24. Cherry Blossom Branches by design_it
  25. Chirping to a Different Tune by cksstudio80
  26. Christmas Floral Border-burgundy by lpds1220
  27. Cute Mountain Range by christinema
  28. Daffodil Skies Border by cfhdesigns
  29. dahliaborder by rose'n'thorn
  30. Dandelion Border by jenimp
  31. Dandelion_Border by cmerdian
  32. Dasy_Border by thornbirds
  33. Day of the Triffids by lisa_godfrey
  34. Dinos and Dots by not_cute_bunny
  35. Equaliscalesborder by bekwith
  36. Everything Is Going Swimmingly by hannah_banana
  37. Exotic Blooming Border by hipmama
  38. falling_cubes_border_blue by hollishammonds
  39. Fauna of African by melisza
  40. Feedsack_Owls_border by shirlene
  41. floral butterfly border 3 by fiona_mcdonald_juicyapple
  42. flower border by uni
  43. Frogs in Reflection by rubyrice
  44. fruit tree by ruusulampi
  45. Gingerbread Border by connielou
  46. greyhound_toile_border_blue by artbyjanewalker
  47. harp border by icetigris
  48. Hazelnuts 3 (border) by majo_bv
  49. How does my garden grow? by vo
  50. Humpty Dumpty by cateanevski
  51. I Love Paris in the Springtime by sarahwalden
  52. Indigo India- Border by newmom
  53. It's raining hedgehogs baby border print by victorialasher
  54. Lace Border by leighr
  55. Lila by valentinaramos
  56. LushGardenBorder by patters
  58. Maths_Love by yemiliee
  59. Medieval Grotesques Border by merryfool
  60. Medow2 by amarina
  61. Modern_Ehnic_Border by chula
  62. Moths and Marigolds by anntuck
  63. Ode to Great Grandma by madam0wl
  64. Off To The Ball by loveolamb
  65. owl_border by snork
  66. Painting The Town Red by whimzwhirled
  67. peace bike border by deesignor
  68. Peacock Border by cottageindustrialist
  69. PEACOCK BORDER (zoom for detail) by uzumakijo
  70. peacockborder2 by renule
  71. poet by oranshpeel
  72. Portland_Border by nightgarden
  73. Prairie_girl_border_print_large by gingezel
  74. Pumpkin Farm border print by debbiek
  75. pumpkins border by tortagialla
  76. Ribbon Weavers by sammyk
  77. Roses Part 11 by diversepixel
  78. Sakura Bunnies by trirose
  79. Sarawak by ormolu
  80. scrummylicious border II by scrummy
  81. Seedpods Border by yvonne_herbst
  82. Sheepy Jewels by eloisenarrigan
  83. Six Twenty-Two by thomasknauer
  84. Skeletal Birds Black and Grey by abracadabra
  85. Snowdrift Border Fabric by winter
  86. Space + Ships by blueberryblonde
  87. SteffFabricCats'n'Mice by steffstyle
  88. Stop and Go Border by robinrice
  89. stripedotline by rpalink
  90. Sweet_Tea_Pink by plaiddragon
  91. Tetris Border Print by chronicallyuncool
  92. The Firebird (A Russian Folk Tale) by ceanirminger
  93. The Neverending Laundry by material_evidence_studio
  94. the queens bots by babysisterrae
  95. Tranquil Lotus Border by decobot
  96. Tribal Border Print by isabelchun
  97. TripleBorderHeatherfab by littlebear
  98. VerticalMehndiFlowerBorder by joonmoon
  99. Very_Cherry by jumping_monkeys
  100. Victorian Poppy by dixie_girl
  101. wiccked_trees_border_print by rabble
  102. wide_border_1 by thatswho
  103. woofer*puffer by crestedcrazy
  104. Yeehaw Lil' Cowpoke! by pattysloniger
  105. Yellow_Flower_in_Pot-ed by kikisews
  106. _Zinnia_Border E by khowardquilts

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