A Fabric With A View: Vote in our Windows & Doors contest

AUG 19, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Our fabric contest this week features another whimsical theme, but one that — if the field of splendid entries is any indication –  apparently stirred up a creative stew out there in Spoonflower-land. Sometime between now and next Wednesday (Aug. 25th), take a few minutes to vote for your favorite fabrics. The recipient of the most votes will receive a $100 Spoondollar credit!


The participants this week are:

  1. #62 by joajewellery
  2. -second-vista-SWATCH by thoughtstorms
  3. 1 door 2 doors red doors blue doors by simplydollicious
  4. alovelyview by earthcadets
  5. appliqué house by scrummy
  6. arched windows by craftyheffalump
  7. architect's plaid by larissantoro
  8. At My Door by leighr
  9. birdcage doors by shiny
  10. birdhouse by amel24
  11. Birds Eye Balcony View by kdl
  12. Blueprints by liquidambar
  13. BonJour and GoodNight! by yvonne_herbst
  14. Brick Wall by mytinystar
  15. brownstone_neighbors by nightgarden
  16. Cat in the Window by audreyclayton
  17. Cat_at_Window_Two by ddmote
  18. Come In and Shop by cyndilou
  19. countryside_architecture by holli_zollinger
  20. Crayon Box Doors and Windows by paulamarie
  21. Doodles of doors and windows by sarahthomas
  22. door to the mind, window to the soul by weavingmajor
  23. door2 by dzyns
  24. Doors by edubgraphicart
  25. doors by mummysam
  26. doors by annaboo
  27. Doors & Windows by acbeilke
  28. Doors & windows & then some by roazbear
  29. Doors and Window Shopping by pattysloniger
  30. Doors, Windows, Cats and Stripes by siya
  31. doors-n-windows by junej
  32. doorsandwindows by itasha
  33. Doors_and_windows_adv by perfancynancy
  34. Doors_Windows by charldia
  35. doors_windows by uni
  36. doors_windows_mm by mireiam
  37. doorwindow_21_18_lab_150dpi by kikibaai
  38. door_and_window by greulich
  39. door_and_windows1 by marcus09
  40. door_window by koffeycakes
  41. door_window_4 by chrystaldare
  42. DutchHouses by blue_jacaranda
  43. EndlessDesigns-01 by applebetty
  44. entry pacific olive by delartful
  45. Escheresque by jmckinniss
  46. Felt Houses by juliamonroe
  47. gbred1 by jnifr
  48. Geraniums_at_the door by catherine_ryan
  49. Green Window by laurawilson
  50. Green_Shutters by shellyetc
  51. Happy Home by bora
  52. High Rise Aparkments by ceanirminger
  53. Highlighted Doors by megan1004
  54. Home by anna_h_
  55. house in the sky by tortagialla
  56. Houses Rise in Banpo by kristi_oh
  57. icecreamhouses3-02 by monda
  58. Inner Door with Window by glo-wing123
  59. Inside Outside by sammyk
  60. Inside Outside Buddha by rubyrice
  61. keysandwindows by kellycanales
  62. kitten_on_your_doorstep by p_kok
  63. Look Into A World by joanne_yordanou
  64. Marine Boat Doors & Windows by melisza
  65. Mi Casa Es Su Casa (zoom for detail) by ttoz
  66. Monster House by mandyd
  67. montacute by lfntextiles
  68. Mustard Cloisters by bexia
  69. My Greenhouse by nancysgardenak
  70. next door by annosch
  71. open and close by kkitwana
  72. Open___See_001 by très_renée_studio
  73. Oriental Window by pixo
  74. Parisian View by scrapartist
  75. pink windows by grafiketgrafok
  76. Poki's House by berrysprite
  77. Portes & Fenêtres by bellebo
  78. Poster1 by kikisews
  79. Rusty Door by chris
  80. sherlock_holmes_s_stripe by snow&water
  81. SplitDecision by patters
  82. Spooky Doors and Windows by upcyclepatch
  83. spot the peeper by babysisterrae
  84. SteffsFarmerStyle by steffstyle
  85. Stucco Windows by hannafate
  86. Summer in the courtyard by janicesheen
  87. SWD_1 by monique_caffet
  88. Tasty Doors and Windows by decobot
  89. Te_aDOORo by deesignor
  90. The Architecture on Alphabet Street by eloisenarrigan
  91. the way to a man's heart by surlybirdstudio
  92. The window in my door by vo
  93. Tropic Doors and Windows by akua
  94. Urban Twilight by tamarack
  95. Ventanas_y_Puertas by gabindy
  96. When a door closes, a window opens by haleystudio
  97. Whimsy Windows by waiting2bdiscovered
  98. Wild Windows and Doors by bella_modiste
  99. Windoorpane Plaid by madam0wl
  100. windoors_light by snork
  101. Window gazing mice. by bee_smiles
  102. Window on the Wild West by jasmo
  103. Window Washline by karenharveycox
  104. Windows by shirlene
  105. Windows & Doors by dynasty_b
  106. Windows & Doors: hello neighbor! by simboko
  107. Windows and Doors by cmanningdesigns
  108. Windows and Doors by jadegordon
  109. Windows and Doors by robinrice
  110. windows and doors of perception by emaleerose
  111. windows xp vs the doors the band by matthandlersux
  112. windowsanddoors by charming_birdie
  113. windowsdoors by raz_1008
  114. Windows_and_Doors by hollinicole
  115. Windows_and_Doors-layers-blue by koalalady
  116. windows_and_doors_feng_shui by victorialasher
  117. windows_doors_sketch by hollishammonds
  118. window_and_door2 by rokinronda
  119. window_and_doors by onelittlefrog
  120. window_doorsfinal by lilybee
  121. Window_Kids by morningrose
  122. window_shedule_flat by tonya
  123. __The_Hotel_Particulier__ by feltfantasia

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