What, no melting bananas? Vote for your favorite surreal fruit fabric

AUG 12, 2010 updated May 30, 2016


Our Fabric Of the Week contest is a bit weird this time around. We invited fabric design submissions featuring fruit but in the style of the surrealist art movement. But 84 intrepid, creative souls rose to the challenge. Vote for as many as you like. We'll announce the winner next week!


The participating designs and designers are:

  1. a controversial fruit by scrummy
  2. A Pear of Cherries by jellybeanquilter
  3. A Very Fruity Conga Line by lulakiti
  4. Abby_Strat__Apples by cyndilou
  5. Albino Eyeball Pomegranate by dolphinandcondor
  6. Apple and Pear by kdl
  7. Apple of my Eye by paragon_studios_one
  8. appleblue1 by ashleyvon
  9. bahia_color by lfntextiles
  10. Banana to Nowhere by evenspor
  11. banana_man-ed by sewslow
  12. Barbed Wire Pear by siya
  13. carambola_ocean by majjo84
  14. Ce n'est pas fruit by jadegordon
  15. Ceci n'est pas une pomme by jenimp
  16. Ceci nest pas une plum by francine
  17. Chickie's space fruit by weavingmajor
  18. Chili_Pepper-ch by phigmint
  19. CitrusOrange by nicole_wilcox
  20. Crazy Chili by lord-orlando
  21. des oiseaux by surlybirdstudio
  22. evil apple chases grapes by jaja
  23. Exquisite Fruit Corpses by eloisenarrigan
  24. EyeOfTheBeholder-01 by applebetty
  25. Fairyland by christinema
  26. Fish With Bicycles by sammyk
  27. Floating_Citrus_Stars by luana_life
  28. Flying fruits by dragonflys
  29. Frenchy Fruits by pattysloniger
  30. frida and friends by onelittlefrog
  31. Fruit Flies on Fruit by nancysgardenak
  32. Fruit Mug Shots by sarahwalden
  33. Fruit Tarts by decobot
  34. Fruit&Berries by morellco
  35. Fruit, Chocolate, Cream… by rubyrice
  36. fruits by elfyne
  37. Fruits in the Sky by isabelchun
  38. fruit_flies by snork
  39. fruit_flies_4 by hollishammonds
  40. Funny Fruit by bora
  41. gm_food_fabric by farrellart
  42. Green is Mean by cmanningdesigns
  43. JamJax 10 Pump by jamjax
  44. Knighted Men of Science and Letters, With Fruit for Faces by ceanirminger
  45. la frutta by tortagialla
  46. LighterThanAir GourdFruit by —thoughtstorms—
  47. MC_Eschers_grapes by thepeaches
  48. No Dada, those are not home-grown kitties on vines by vo
  49. OranShpeeled by oranshpeel
  50. orbit of the fruits by annosch
  51. Page 8206 by pixo
  52. Painted Apples by kkitwana
  53. Pear Shaped House by herartsheloves
  54. Pineapple Island by acbeilke
  55. pinwheels by larissantoro
  56. Platanitos-ch 1 by gabindy
  57. pomme3 by monique_caffet
  58. prank calls by babysisterrae
  59. Pumpkin_Family_w_black_stripe by kikisews
  60. Rock Hard Pears! by societydeb
  61. SeaFruit2 by charldia
  62. Shoo, Fly (small scale, see zoom) by ttoz
  63. Skulluxe fruit party – vintage blue by skulluxe
  64. slice_of_magritte by peppermintpatty
  65. stolen_life by victorialasher
  66. strange_fruit__ by recollections
  67. Straw-birdies and Pineapp-owl by owlandchickadee
  68. Strawberry Blonde Callico Print by blueberryblonde
  69. surfing_banana by kaeledra
  70. Surreal Daughter Fruit Chain by upcyclepatch
  71. Surreal Fruit by akua
  72. Surreal Fruit Stripe by madam0wl
  73. Surreal Stripes of Fruit: Apples, Bananas, Cherries by sarahthomas
  74. Surrealist Fruit by pixeldust
  75. Surrealist Fruit by leighr
  76. Surrealist: Fruity Abode by simboko
  77. Target Practice by dollproject
  78. Tropical Oranges by elizagraysgoods
  79. Unnatural Fruit by jumping_monkeys
  80. Uprooted and Taken Away by lalakittyla
  81. vitamin c by matthandlersux
  82. WaterfallsMelon by shala
  83. Winter fruit bowl in Oz by pavlova_is
  84. A Crimson Dream by sophiabarrasdesigns

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