Hunting For A Good Fabric? Vote For Your Favorite Camouflage

AUG 5, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Our contest this week centers around the concept of camouflage. While you may note that a number of the designs don't exactly appear to qualify as camo (sleeping cats… really?), we decided to let it all go this time around. So you have 122 designs up for voting. You decide which ones you like and we'll report the results next week. Have fun!


  1. (un)natural camuoflage by surlybirdstudio
  2. -1-2 by simply8
  3. Adaptation by higgins
  4. AlphaNumericParty by morellco
  5. Artistic_Camouflage-ed by naritha
  6. bats-ed by rolandasart
  7. Big Loud Abstract-ch-ch by cricketnoel
  8. Birds by lesliecurd
  9. bling3 by aneremdo
  10. Bloomy Screen by beenishz
  11. Blueberry Camo by blueberryblonde
  12. blueskullcamo by jnifr
  13. Blue_Camouflage by thornbirds
  14. Brown Camouflage-01 by applebetty
  15. Buddy_in_Tree_Camoflague by kikisews
  16. Budgie Flock Camouflage by owlandchickadee
  17. Bunny Hiding In Grass by sarahthomas
  18. Bunouflage by kdl
  19. Butterfly Battle by duchess
  20. Calm-oflage by cynthiafrenette
  21. Camelflage by sarahwalden
  22. camo by jamjax
  23. camo by onelittlefrog
  24. Camo by valentinaramos
  25. Camo #3 by snuss
  26. Camo Clouds (candyfloss) by mjolkig
  27. Camo entry John World Peace & Love by paragon_studios_one
  28. camo2_copy by rghstkcwby
  29. camo4 by onionpencil
  30. camobirds by rabble
  31. camofabric_forPrinting by plushplay
  32. camoflage camo xl – mcrooker by mcrooker
  33. camoflaguesp1_copy by frances"fancy_felter"
  34. camoflarge_safari by snow&water
  35. Camostar 1 by chris
  36. camouflage by magneetje
  37. Camouflage by fabulosa1984
  38. Camouflage by jadegordon
  39. Camouflage Damask by mayabella
  40. Camouflage de l'artiste by leighr
  41. Camouflage, Spring Earth by rubyrice
  42. CamouflageCow by nikkig
  43. Camo_Coral by jumping_monkeys
  44. celtic camo by ingrid_the_crafty
  45. Coccinellid Camouflage by sammyk
  46. Creatures Camouflaging Together by lord-orlando
  47. Crestie Camo by crestedcrazy
  48. crying_wolf by alittlevo
  49. Decoflage2 by eyesofautumn
  50. Deer Forest – Camo by ttoz
  51. desert_camouflage_pink by simplydollicious
  52. Dino Camo by poetryqn
  53. DRAGONFLYGE by uzumakijo
  54. Escher Tank Camouflage by starmama
  55. Fatigue by francine
  56. Field_Of_Grass by peter_gonzalez
  57. Find the little red riding hood by elfyne
  58. FlowerCamo by kkitwana
  59. Forest Camouflage by jordan_elise
  60. Frog_and_rain by feltfantasia
  61. GabCamuflage by gabindy
  62. garden_camouflage by larissantoro
  63. Girlie_Camo by luana_life
  64. Green Abstract 1 by diversepixel
  65. hidden fish by annaboo
  66. Hippie Camouflage – Jungle Fever by pixeldust
  67. Ice Creamflage by melisza
  68. img048 by helly77
  69. IMG_0703 by small_fishdk
  70. industrial_camo2 by hollishammonds
  71. JessicaLynnOriginal "Remember Our Soldiers" with Brentwood Owl(c) by jessicalynnoriginal
  72. Kaleidoscope Bostonsteria by bostonsteria
  73. kitten camo by liquidambar
  74. Ladybug Camo Colorado by deesignor
  75. LakeCamo by kp_ampersand
  76. Laundry Day Camo by jenimp
  77. Leafy Camouflage by simboko
  78. Lichen_Terracotta_2 by gingezel
  79. Lily Pads by decobot
  80. liquid kitty feather by jellybeanquilter
  81. Little Bear Camo by littlebear
  82. make peace camouflage by babysisterrae
  83. Mmm… Crispy by evenspor
  84. Modernforestcamo by bekwith
  85. Mohave Storm by dragonflys
  86. monkey_camo_02 by amel24
  87. mushroom_camouflage by carrie-anne_illustration
  88. Nature's Camouflage by nancysgardenak
  89. O! the joy by dante
  90. Pacman Camo! by shellgreenier
  91. Paisley Camo Pattern by tortagialla
  92. Peace_hope_love_7-ed by tralanas
  93. pebbles by john_brooks
  94. Pez Fur by serenity_ii
  95. Plum_Camo by ksimpsong1
  96. Psychedelic Chameleon by yuleane
  97. radiostar's shape glyph-ed by radiostar
  98. RockinPurple by nicole_wilcox
  99. shamrock_camouflage by wren_leyland
  100. Shark_Goldfish by maghee
  101. Shroomflage by yvonne_herbst
  102. sleeping_cats by dccanim
  103. snakePattern_exp2_003 by vinpauld
  104. Snow Camouflage by tamarack
  105. spidercamo2 by hbelldesign
  106. Splatter_Camo by cyndilou
  107. spoonflower_morenz_aug by grabowski_monice
  108. Tee_Time_Camo- by charldia
  109. Textile_1001ClimbingVines-SFlower by annebarga
  110. The Camouleon by eloisenarrigan
  111. Tree Shadow Camo by jenniferwilson-parkes
  112. Turtle Mania – Kid Print by dapple_gray_designs
  113. undercover_pears by snork
  114. Unicamo by ophelia
  115. Untitled-1_1_ by libby_walker
  116. urban camo by melissamelissa
  117. Vintage Lovers Flecktard by dolphinandcondor
  118. What knitting needles? by grammak
  119. wolf in sheep's clothing – camouflage by annosch
  120. zebrapurple by xikah
  121. ZenCamo by patters
  122. zoodle_camo-ed by vampycat

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