Fabrics Made From Paper Collages: Vote For the Next Fabric Of the Week

JUL 22, 2010

This week's Fabric Of the Week contest theme is about process. Using a collage created from paper as the source, we asked designers to create a fabric by scanning the collage. The idea was to showcase examples of fabric designs that have relied on a minimum of digital manipulation. The entries are terrific, as usual. After you finish voting, you might enjoy watching a short video about the collage process used by childrens' illustrator Eric Carle to create the art for his books, which include The Very Hungry Caterpillar (and many of the other titles that line our little girls' bookshelves).

Vote For Your Favorite Paper Collage Fabrics

The participants this week are:

  1. 2Live by psam57
  2. a bunting
    teaparty by shiny
  3. a mouse, a cat,
    a dog by magneetje
  4. A very special
    gift indeed… by purplesprinkles
  5. Alpacas Hiding
    in the Papers by alpaca_lady
  6. AugustBlooms by
  7. bamzap2 by
  8. Bargello
    Collage by Hazelhills
  9. be bold (paper
    collage) by katykeuter
  10. Bird
    Confidential by jenimp
  11. Bird in Nest
    Collage No. 1.2 by shelly_1
  12. Blooming Summer
    Collage by charldia
  13. Box_for_Teal by
  14. brown_warfare
    by knitman
  15. Butterflies by
  16. ChardonneyCollage
    by lpds1220
  17. Chicka-Dee-Dee-Dee
    by owlandchickadee
  18. chicken scratch
    by cmanningdesigns
  19. chickenpotplaid
    by pollyjo
  20. Cicadas by ljd
  21. Coffee Shop Hot
    Stuff Paper Collage by kdl
  22. collage by lien
  23. Crafty Girl by
  24. Cupcake Garden
    Party by sammyk
  25. Cuppycake Party
    Pink! by pinksodapop
  26. Cut Paper 2 by
  27. dancing_in_the_sunset
    border print by victorialasher
  28. door with broom
    collage by darcibeth
  29. feelfab_fabric2
    by lalanoyaland
  30. flower tile
    collage by babysisterrae
  31. Fuzz Balls in
    Love by lulakiti
  32. Gerber_Daisies
    by andie
    DUDA by suedudadesigns
  34. Hand Shadow
    Animals in Yellow by sparegus
  35. Heart in Hand
    by sarahwalden
  36. Hearts_and_Squares
    by freelanceprowriter
  37. HellerCollageSpoon
    by julieheller
  38. herringbonetextile
    by reneeelizabeth
  39. home2 by jennyb
  40. hummingbird by
  41. img069 by
  42. IMG_5010 by
  43. It_s_Complicated
    by ginnyliskow
  44. JapanPostersB
    by micheleoue
  45. Keanu's
    Favorite Animals by hapagirldesigns
    by scrummy
  47. loosetooth_fancyhats
    by loosetooth
  48. Lurker by
  49. Magazine
    Papercraft by upcyclepatch
  50. Mesoamerican
    Idols by kristi_oh
  51. Mushroom
    Picking by kimkim
  52. My
    Grandchldren's Grandmothers by grammak
  53. My Green
    Tomatoes by spellstone
  54. Nature's
    Paisely by m_quane
  55. nrj-heartcollage
    by scrapartist
  56. NY_Heel by
  57. Ojos by
  58. Paisley_Octopus_picnik-ch
    by lenoralb
  59. Paper Boats
    Float by susienielsen32
  60. Paper Collage
    Contest by carollynnborstdesigns
  61. Paper Collage
    Series 2 by kannedesigns
  62. Paper Knitting
    by eloisenarrigan
  63. Paper Twill by
  64. PaperBeachHutPattern
    by nikkig
  65. paperdaisies by
  66. PaperFlowerPower
    by tammikins
  67. paper_butterflies
    by beetleprincess
  68. Paper_Collage
    by jayb
  69. paper_collage1_001
    by marcus09
  70. Paper_Doll_Days-ed
    by kikisews
  71. paper_owls by
  72. Peace_hope_love_7
    by tralanas
  73. Peacocks &
    Flowers by lord-orlando
  74. PlaitedPaper by
  75. polkashots by
  76. portrait_collage
    by hollishammonds
  77. Prego man
    finger legs by dolphinandcondor
  78. Preppy Daisies
    by joybucket
  79. Purple Mouse
    Collage by serenity_ii
  80. Queen for a Day
    v.1 by jnifr
  81. rich collage by
  82. Rocky Waters ©
    2010 by inscribed_here
  83. santa5-ed by
  84. Scan0002 by
  85. Scan84-ch-ch-ch-ch
    by gypsy
  86. School Days by
  87. Seeds blew in
    from outer space by roazbear
  88. Senbazuru by
  89. snow white and
    the seven dwarfs by heidikenney
  90. Stamps by
  91. Sweet Dove by
  92. That's not my
    name. by oranshpeel
  93. The Black
    Forest by ceanirminger
  94. The Frabjous
    Day! by bee-rye
  95. The Great
    Things about Life by christinema
  96. Toy ad collage
    by megansly
  97. Two Hearts
    Together Rad Plaid by jan4insight
  98. Up, up and
    Away… by poetryqn
  99. Victorian_mustaches
    by crowlands
  100. Vintage
    Halloween by whimzwhirled
  101. Weekly Specials
    by linkolisa
  102. Wicky-Wicky-Roar!!
    by ms_sad
  103. Wild_blue_yonder_collage
    by fuschia_b
  104. You Make Me
    Smile (blue) by maile
  105. You've Got Mail
    by karenharveycox
  106. zip_zap_b by

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