Stained Glass Design Wins Medieval Fabric Competition

JUN 10, 2010

It's a big day for our Fabric Of the Week contest. This past week's Medieval theme was our 75th contest, and by winning handily with her lovely Stained Glass Rose design, SammyK becomes the first designer ever to win four of our competitions. I love this for a number of reasons:

1) While Samarra is a talented and experienced artist, her experiments with fabric design have come about entirely as a result of her participation in the Spoonflower community. She obviously has terrific talent as a textile designer, but without the support and encouragement of you all — her peers — she might never have discovered this fact. 

2) In the description on the winning design, SammyK makes it clear — in a funny and self-deprecating way — that she's a big nerd on the topic of the Middle Ages. While there were loads of lovely designs in this round of voting, you've got to appreciate the collision of nerdy passion and creative talent that made this design the winner. From a social standpoint, one of the things I love most about the Internet is the way it facilitates connections between people and their various — sometimes obscure — passions.

3) Because of the special circumstances — having won two contests in a row — SammyK has requested that instead of awarding her the usual $100 in Spoondollar credit, we instead donate $100 on her behalf to an organization that holds a special place in her heart, the Kindred Spirits
Animal Sanctuary of New Mexico
, a hospice that provides end-of-life care for unwanted dogs, horses and
poultry in the beautiful landscape of New Mexico. [Note that Samarra is the former creative director of the ASPCA.] We're very pleased to have a chance to do this.

For any of you who are feeling daunted, please keep in mind that Samarra and the other designers who  won previously have also entered loads of contests in which they've lost. The contest itself — lest we get hung up on the competition aspect of it — is meant to provide a structure for inspiring and motivating a community of people who share an enthusiasm for fabric to think and work creatively. In that respect, I think we all win every week.

The voting results, by the numbers:

1. 1064 votes for Stained
Glass Rose Windows by sammyk

2. 754 votes for Turrets Syndrome by

3. 572 votes for cavalerie by mahell
4. 568 votes for MedievalCalendar by

5. 559 votes for medieval_bestiary by

6. 529 votes for Knight, Knight by

7. 491 votes for la_demoiselle_aux_lapins
by papier_chiffon

8. 467 votes for MyMedieval by nyteaqueen
9. 462 votes for Pale Blue Medieval
Repeat by poetryqn

10. 461 votes for Medieval by jadegordon

11. 449 votes for gothic iron work by

12. 406 votes for Codex Assemanius by

13. 395 votes for Medieval by vina
14. 360 votes for dragonpuppet by

15. 348 votes for MirroredTapestry by

16. 334 votes for "The falcon hath born my
mate away" by sarahwalden

17. 334 votes for chainmail by corvus
18. 334 votes for Medieval Shoes by

19. 303 votes for castle_walls_I by

20. 303 votes for labyrinth_repeat by

21. 281 votes for Embroidered by

22. 277 votes for Medieval Woodland
Tapestry by kdl

23. 259 votes for Lion & Unicorn
Medallions by acbeilke

24. 256 votes for Medieval Blue by shiny
25. 255 votes for Medieval_Scotland_Patchwork_II
by jumping_monkeys

26. 234 votes for MedievalBlueGold by

27. 214 votes for crackled filigree by

28. 209 votes for Fleur de lis banners by

29. 196 votes for medieval by christinema
30. 191 votes for Lady Sunbonnet Sue and
the Unicorn Tapestry by quiltsmith

31. 190 votes for Haute Helmets by

32. 189 votes for Medieval by inkingcap
33. 185 votes for Arabian Night by

by uzumakijo

35. 175 votes for Tapestry by karistyle
36. 171 votes for Midevil Baby! by chris
37. 164 votes for Illuminated Alphabet by

38. 151 votes for Medieval Animal Trellis
by mandyd

39. 150 votes for Medieval Muguet by siya
40. 148 votes for medieval_layout_final3
by bekwith

41. 141 votes for Dark_Ages by

42. 126 votes for Purple Rose by shala
43. 119 votes for medeival_squares2 by

44. 107 votes for Court Jester – Medieval
by dapple_gray_designs

45. 106 votes for nicky1 by etti
46. 103 votes for A_medieval_heraldic_border_bicolored_copy
by victorialasher

47. 101 votes for EDwallrelief by daisy617
48. 100 votes for Heraldry-1 by

49. 96 votes for castle_final by

50. 96 votes for fleur de lis by estel
51. 93 votes for contemporary_medieval_with_unicorn_L2
by kantakaa

52. 93 votes for medieval_garden by

53. 93 votes for Where's The GARGOYLE?
Medieval Castle Collage by floorartetc

54. 89 votes for StorybookDream by kre8or
55. 85 votes for Medieval_Helmets by

56. 83 votes for I Believe In Make
Believe by whimzwhirled

57. 82 votes for Istanbul by remnantz
58. 82 votes for Runestone Interlacing by

59. 79 votes for Medieval Cutouts by

60. 70 votes for castle by

61. 66 votes for Flowery-mead-1
by mina

62. 61 votes for Medieval Gothic Plaid by

63. 59 votes for my archery stamp-ed by

64. 52 votes for V_obvious_leather_weave
by ms_corona

65. 49 votes for c'est la viv_rosette by

66. 47 votes for evening_bloom-ed by

67. 39 votes for Appleblossom pattern V
by vib

68. 36 votes for Dragon lace by hannafate
69. 33 votes for Amanda's Dragon by

70. 29 votes for Till Eulenspiegel by

71. 29 votes for orviettosp by

72. 28 votes for Chess Key by

73. 23 votes for HerMajestyChandelier by

74. 15 votes for Leonardo DaVinci script –
Navy by snazzyfrogs

75. 14 votes for 17th Century by michiela
76. 14 votes for medievil excel by

77. 13 votes for Celtic
by dreamercz

78. 12 votes for medieval flourish 2 by

79. 9 votes for EAGLE
LAKE by jnetjarmon

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  • Yay for Sammyk! Fab human and fab designer. I always appreciate that she converses with everyone who comments on her designs.

  • well said, Stephen! and well played, SammyK! it’s an honor to be a part of this community with both of you.