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JUN 17, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

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For our current competition we asked designers to come up with an apron pattern that could fit — instructions and all — onto a single yard of quilting weight cotton (42" x 36"). As usual, the creativity and skill that has gone into the entries is truly impressive. Of the 43 patterns entered, you can vote for as many as you like up through Wednesday, June 23rd. We'll announce the winner on Thursday!


The participating designers are:

  1. "Sleeping Beauty"
    Apron by vina
  2. "What Mess?" – A
    Simple Apron by quiltsmith
  3. A Crafty Apron
    by kdl
  4. A Tribute to
    Fiestaware by vo
  5. Apron fish by
  6. Apron_by_Obvious_6-14-10
    by ms_corona
  7. APRON_leopard
    by reedstudio
  8. Arpon_Thank_You_Gratitude
    by kantakaa
  9. a_retro_apron
    by victorialasher
  10. Bathing
    Beauties cut-and-sew bias apron by nalo_hopkinson
  11. Berry Flower
    Apron by jadegordon
    APRON by kkitwana
  13. Bright Frilly
    Girly Curly Ruffled Apron by mandollyn
  14. Bunny Goth
    Apron – Adult by voodoorabbit
  15. Crochet
    Illusion Fancy Apron by haleystudio
  16. Cute Cupcake
    Quote Apron by purplesprinkles
  17. Death Cap in my
    pocket by bornmarker
  18. Dino Buddy
    Reversable Apron – Double Sided by kriskenshin
  19. Dolly 'n Me by
  20. Flora Retro
    Apron by mytinystar
  21. Flower Faerie
    Skirt Apron by lulakiti
  22. garden_apron by
  23. Garden_Variety
    by antoniamanda
  24. hearts and
    roses apron by melissamelissa
  25. Hen Piao Liang
    means Very Pretty by feebeedee
  26. Infinite
    Possibilities by poetryqn
  27. I_Love_Sewing_Apron
    by cynthiafrenette
  28. Jaime Apron in
    Opportune by dolphinandcondor
  29. Kitchen
    Utensils Apron by srbracelin
  30. le_jardin_nocturne_apron
    by gurumania
  31. Monkeying_Around_with_Mom
    by jumping_monkeys
  32. NOW_WE_RE_COOKIN__apron2
    by deesignor
  33. orangepearapron
    by mrshervi
  34. Owl Be Darned!
    Apron Pattern by ceanirminger
  35. Reversible
    Half-Apron with 2 pockets and accents by thehook
  36. Secret Garden
    Apron – Quilting Weight by pixeldust
  37. SetTheTableApronPattern
    by tammikins
  38. sewn_apron by
  39. Spring Roses by
  40. tablier1 by
  41. The Chefalopod:
    A Culinary Companion by sammyk
  42. YOU-SEW
    Postmodern: Craft Apron by you-sew
  43. Zetti_Apron_2
    by momfairy

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  • I am looking to buy some of these digital files if anyone is interested in selling them to me (or for free with your rights and info) for a large project I am doing. trisha AT Trishatrixie DOT com

  • Everyone who is voting… PLEASE make sure that you know that the instructions were to be printed on the yard of fabric AND make sure to vote for ones that will actually work as an apron! One was only 12×13!!!!!!