New contest: Choose your favorite fabric puppet-patterns

MAY 13, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Vote for your favorite puppet patterns

This week you get to choose your favorites from a bunch of really fun patterns for sewing puppets from a fat-quarter of fabric. I like this theme because the patterns offer the possibility of such simple, inexpensive kits. As usual, designers took different approaches to the contest, so you'll have to decide for yourself if the kit is really what the theme called for — a puppet pattern. Have fun!

Vote for puppet patterns

The participating designs this week are:

  1. The Czarina Felina by
  2. "Sleepover"
    Finger Puppets by gurgleturtle
  3. African Jewels
    Puppets by kkitwana
  4. Animal Friends
    Puppets by pixeldust
  5. bird by
  6. Boy Bird Girl
    Bird by antonybriggs
  7. Bronte Sisters
    Finger Puppets w/Parsonage by sarahwalden
  8. Bunny Puppet –
    suzannah ashley by suzannahashley
  9. butterfly-flutterby
    puppets by ali_c
  10. Butterfly_Finger_Puppets
    by jumping_monkeys
  11. Cuddle Pups
    Puppets by kdl
  12. Doll pattern by
  13. Elephant Puppet
    by mandollyn
  14. Good Twin/Bad
    Twin Puppets by lulakiti
  15. Grrr…arrrgh!
    by milktooth
  16. Hooter Hand
    Puppet by jadegordon
  17. Inner Goddess
    Puppet by poetryqn
  18. Koala Mom_Baby
    by trutorigirl
  19. les amis de la
    forêt by nadja_p
  20. Little Red vs
    Big Bad by cateanevski
  21. Matryoshki by
  22. Maybe Baby –
    Puppets by annosch
  23. monster finger
    puppet fabric by myers-cho
  24. monster_puppets
    by deesignor
  25. My Best Friend
    by sherrygoshon
  26. Naughty Kittens
    by connielou
  27. newnew_birds_on_wire
    by 5u5an
  28. Patty Cakes,
    Patty Cakes by creedancelovesyou
  29. pencilpuppets
    by rose'n'thorn
  30. PH_Knight_Final
    by baklava
  31. Pinkerton the
    Pirate Cat by melissamelissa
  32. pixie by vina
  33. puppet by
  34. Puppet Show: I
    Can Fly by shelley_thornton
  35. puppet-ch by
  36. Puppets by
  37. RED_RIDING_HOOD_puppets
    pattern by daniellehanson
  38. Scrummy Monster
    Puppets by scrummy
  39. Snow White and
    Rose Red Puppets by mytinystar
  40. STI_Puppett_Fabric
    by satippetts
  41. The Ultimate
    All-in-One *Punch & Judy* Puppet Party by sammyk
  42. This Little
    Piggy / Hey Diddle Diddle scaleable gloves by weavingmajor
  43. Three Billy
    Goats Gruff Finger Puppets by beckarahn
  44. Tribal_puppets_copy
    by plaiddragon
  45. Yeti and
    Bigfoot by jordan_elise
  46. animal kingdom finger puppets by vo 
  47. cestlaviv_gardenparty by c'est_la_viv 

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