Fabric Of the Week Contest: Vote for fabric designs created using water colors

APR 8, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Vote for water color fabrics

This week our contest is built around fabric designs created using water colors and digitized using a minimal amount of software manipulation. As you look through the entries (there are 70), some of the designs were clearly created using paint and others…. well, it's hard to tell. As you vote, it's probably worth keeping in mind the theme and letting your sense of fidelity to theme — as well as the beauty of the patterns — guide your choices of favorites. But the most important thing, as always, is to have fun and find inspiration.

Vote For Water Color Fabrics

The participants are:

  1. aliens2 by renaanne
  2. arizona-ed by
  3. Beginnings by
  4. Birdbrain
    Patchwork Print by susanfaye
  5. Birdies by
  6. blooming by
  7. Blue White by
  8. card__orange_flower_dahlia-ed
    by yarrow4
  9. cestlaviv_anemone
    by c'est_la_viv
  10. Chrysanthemum
    by callen
  11. circulation by
  12. Delft Inspired
    by kdl
  13. Dreaming of
    Africa by not-enough-time
  14. e. HIBISCUS by
  15. estamparia090
    by jaydece
  16. EXPLOSION by
  17. Fishes in
    Aquatic by taradonnelly
  18. Flower for
    Spoonflower by captiveinflorida
  19. forest fox by
  20. fotolia_3312946
    by aquinavortex
  21. FROM MY
  22. Fruits de
    Provence by snowflower
  23. fun_animals by
  24. Hawaiian
    Hibiscus Watercolor by leilehua
  25. Ice Pop Abstract
    Collage by andy
  26. Indian Summer
    by jellybeanquilter
  27. Iris Watercolor
    by heartaday
  28. kimbers's shape
    glyph-ed-ed by kimbers
  29. landscapesposteralt36-4
    by charlieread
  30. Magnolia_card
    by tolepantr
  31. Martinis by
  32. Meet Me In St.
    Louie, Lewie by whimzwhirled
  33. moms_print-ed
    by designsbysam
  34. mushroom and
    flower cluster by jordan_elise
  35. New York
    Natives by sammyk
  36. Painted Birds
    by daynagedney
  37. pears and
    blossoms by trebligrachel
  38. Pietersite
    stone by missemor
  39. rainbow 3 by
  40. rainbowcolors_copy
    by jeallen
  41. rainbow_skulls
    by witchylana
  42. red fellows by
  43. Sea Sprites by
  44. Secret Bee by
  45. Sleepy Collie
    by blueberryblonde
  46. slon_krokodyl_ryba
    by a_m
  47. small dress up
    boys by scrummy
  48. Small Stuffed
    Elephant by mandollyn
  49. Spoonflower-apageaday11-26_27-09_016
    by indigonightowl
  50. spoonflower22-ed
    by aurelieart
  51. spot_check by
  52. Spring Park by
  53. spring-fairy by
  54. spring1-ed by
  55. squirrels by
  56. strawberriesandgrapes
    by littlebear
  57. sunflowerwatercolor
    by twobloom
  58. Sweetness by vo
  59. The Mad Hatter
    by creedancelovesyou
  60. Trailing
    Flowers by illusio
  61. Tulips and Iris
    by evamarion
  62. Unnatural
    Habitats by ceanirminger
  63. VintageVeggies
    by patters
  64. Water Lily –
    Watercolor by diversepixel
  65. Watercolor
    Floral by jadegordon
    PATCH by pjay
  67. watercolorflowerscoroflot
    by erinmichelle
  68. watercolor_fabric
    by emilyclaire
  69. work_3785343_2_flat_550x550_075_f
    by wutz4tea
  70. Yellow Pedals
    by helenklebesadel

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  • I agree with you Tara… I think that those who “filled” a digital image with watercolor, while the design is cute, didn’t actually follow the requirements… Also, those who took digital images or photographs and used the “watercolor effect” in a software program to make the image look ‘watercolor-y’ didn’t follow the requirements either.
    I’d also like to be sent a message, if I’ve entered a contest, with how many votes I got even if I didn’t win. That way I know if my designs are liked by the community… : )

  • I don’t have a problem with clipart, as long as it is part of the public domain or you have purchased it, but this particular contest called for watercolor. Maybe some of the designs just look more manipulated than they are if you look at a larger image? Some of them clearly are heavily altered in Photoshop.
    It was NOT easy to correct my gouache (opaque watercolor, which the good folks at SF okayed for the contest) for a perfect repeat in Photoshop. I also have no problem with that–I’m sure other watercolorists needed to retouch the edges of their pattern so it repeats nicely while keeping the bulk of the print as a handpainted watercolor.

  • I have used clipart… But I always manipulate the design so that it becomes my own. I DO NOT, however, enter those manipulated clipart designs into contests. I think that if I win a contest, I want it to be ALL MINE… Not someone else who had the original idea.
    (‘Cute Elephant’ and ‘Elephant Rush’ are my only clipart designs used as of today)

  • I also agree that paging through dozens of designs that don’t meet the criteria is frustrating. Also frustrating is seeing designs that appear to have been done from clipart, or other public domain art. I know there is a lot of this available, and think it’s fine if someone wants to make a fabric for their own use from it; but, PLEASE, don’t enter it in the contests. It’s even worse when it finishes in the top ten, which has happened at least a couple of times. I guess these designers don’t feel any guilt about the fact that they are CHEATING! Since they no longer show the order in which all the entries finished, only the top ten are benefiting from the additional exposure of their designs.
    I realize that the designers have to be on the honor system, as I’m sure the Spoonflower folks just don’t have time to check out all the designs that might be based on another artist’s work, which includes clip art. Perhaps Spoonflower should institute an abuse reporting system where someone could report a design that uses someone else’s art by referencing the source that the art came from; such as a Dover Publications book. Spoonflower could then remove that design from the contest and ban the designer from entering future contests.

  • I share your frustration completely. I also try my best to follow the contest rules. It’s disappointing to see so many others that haven’t, especially when the guidelines are so explicit in saying, “fabric designs created using water colors and digitized using a minimal amount of software manipulation.” If a better weeding-out process before the voting opens can’t occur, than I can only hope that the public is mindful of what the exact design challenge was.
    And yes, bravo to those who embraced the challenge and watercolored their hearts out! Good luck!

  • Heather, I’m with you. As someone who worked really hard to meet the criteria and come up with something I am highly frustrated that a good portion of the designs don’t follow the guidelines. Some of these you can’t even tell if the person entering actually created the base image. Flipping thru extraneous designs is frustrating.
    I feel the real followers of SF might care about voting for designs that follow the guidelines but the Twitter folks who come to vote for their friend don’t.
    Many kudos to those who created original designs.

  • I am a little frustrated that people are entering designs into these contests that don’t meet the entry requirements… This “Watercolor” contest has photos that have been manipulated by Photoshop and digital graphics. The last contest “Gardens” hada TON of entries that didn’t have anything that made you think “Hmm, that’s a garden theme”…
    I LOVE these contests, but when I go to vote, I have to flip past so many that aren’t the theme, it gets a little annoying…