Garden Fabric Winner: Retrospring. Congratulations to Renule!

APR 8, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Garden-winner by Renule

Congratulations to Renata Gebauerova (Renule), a designer from the Czech Republic whose lovely Retrospring design won the most votes in our garden-themed Fabric Of the Week contest. [You may not be able to read her blog, Renchinchay, but if not it also has lots of lovely photos.]

The top ten from the Garden fabric contest appear below, but we have one other bit of very exciting news: Gart has cobbled together a new Fabric Of the Week Contest home page that includes not only the top ten designs from this contest, but previous winners and upcoming themes. Pretty cool!

Fabric Of the Week Home Page

Top ten Garden fabrics — thanks to all who entered!

1. 761 votes for retrospring
by renule

2. 696 votes for cestlaviv_poppies_sf
by c'est_la_viv

3. 681 votes for My
Little Helpers_Light by spellstone

4. 644 votes for Garden_companions by

5. 613 votes for April Showers in My
Garden by cynthiafrenette

6. 592 votes for nasturtium by

7. 516 votes for Dreamgarden by andrea11
8. 497 votes for jardin_extraordinaire by

9. 472 votes for Blue Birds and Cages by

10. 462 votes for Flower's Scent by

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