Daffodil Fabric Winner Is Holli Zollinger!

APR 1, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Fabric Of the Week: Daffodils

Congratulations to Holli Zollinger, of decormelange, whose "yellow daffodils" design won the most votes in our daffodil-themed fabric of the week contest. [On her blog she's actually written about the process of creating the design, so be sure to check it out.] Lovely work!

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Thanks to all the designers who participated. The top ten vote-winners were:

1. 762 votes for daffodil_yellow
by holli_zollinger

2. 628 votes for daffodil1 by

3. 524 votes for daffodil2 by elvett11
4. 483 votes for Half Silly Daffodillies
by sammyk

5. 448 votes for daffodilly by

6. 443 votes for ADaffodillyDay_DesignMagi_Daffodils
by designmagi

7. 439 votes for Retro Daffodils by

8. 389 votes for cestlaviv_runningdaffodils
by c'est_la_viv

9. 383 votes for daffodil tea by

10. 377 votes for daffodillz_bak by

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