Upcoming Fabric Design Contest Themes: Tattoos & Art Nouveau

MAR 5, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Thanks to our friends in the Spoonflower Facebook group, we've got a nice long list of suggestions for upcoming Fabric Of the Week contest themes! Instructions for entering our contests — as well as the rules — appear on the upcoming contests page.

Coming up next:

Tattoos. Submit fabric designs inspired by tattoos. Please use original art and avoid clip-art or stock images. Entries close on Tuesday, March 9, 2010, at noon EST.

Art Nouveau. Submit fabric designs inspired by the Art Noveau aesthetic and using the restricted palette described  on our upcoming contests page (link below). Entries close on Tuesday, March 16, 2010, at noon EST. 


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  • Victoria, we always say yes when asked this sort of question. From our standpoint it's interesting to see what people come up with with the 'rules' as a jumping-off point. But I suspect that some members of the community will be disappointed if the entries don't follow the palette as it appears in the contest description. If you're willing to sacrifice some votes from sticklers in order to create the design you imagine, then I would suggest just going for it. The priority — in my mind at least — should be creating something new and interesting to you first of all, and to our voting community only secondarily.

  • For the Art nouveau; are we allowed different transparencies of the colors overlaid to create new colors. Are we allowed to use different intensities of the colors? In the painting, from which the palette was taken, it appears there are tinted glazes overlaying some of the colors to create new ones; example the violet of the one dead man’s robe.

  • We don't have the ability to edit the contest preview size built into our software at this time. But you can always submit the design at one size for the contest, and then edit the scale it if the design wins and is made available for sale.

  • I’m curious if the “tattoo” theme is going to be displayed in fat quarter as all the other contests have been? Tattoos are usually so detailed, it seems that a swatch might be better; since detail doesn’t show up well in fat quarter. If not, will it be possible to enter the design in a larger format; but have it printed in the original format, should it win?