Three-time winner! See the results of our tattoo-themed fabric contest

MAR 18, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Tattoo fabric winner!

Congratulations to the amazing Danielle Hanson, the UK designer and illustrator who has managed to win Spoonflower's Fabric Of the Week competition for the third time, an unprecedented chain of victories. (Remember our tea-towel
calendar contest in the fall and then our crayon
contest in January?) Amazing work, Danielle! Be sure to stop by her blog, Ragtales.

The top ten finishers in our tattoo-inspired fabric design contest were:

1. 701 votes for tattoo_design
by daniellehanson

2. 602 votes for Sewing Forever Tattoo by

3. 533 votes for tattoo love by nonnie
4. 447 votes for Tattoo Love by jenimp
5. 398 votes for she loves you tattoo by

6. 353 votes for JoyfulRose "Tree of
Life" by joyfulrose

7. 318 votes for Tat Attack!!! by

8. 309 votes for hawaiin sea turtle
tattoo by basilberrybakes

9. 227 votes for HeySailor by mirthquake
10. 224 votes for tattoo by heidikenney

Thanks again to all the participating designers!

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  • Congratulations once again Danielle.
    Good job to the rest of you also. There were so many good designs, it was very difficult to vote for just a couple of them.
    Stephen, could you send me the full results please? Is it possible that all entrants could just be sent the full results automatically? Or perhaps there is a way the contest could be set up so designers who want the full results can request them when they enter.