Spoonflower, you were robbed!

MAR 26, 2010

Friends, I don’t know if you watch Project Runway, but tonight’s challenge was for the designers to create their own fabric.  Over and over, they said things like, “This is an opportunity that most designers only dream of” and I wanted to say, “Not so!  Don’t you know about Spoonflower?”

via idlehandsdc.typepad.com

Hear, hear!

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  • Funny thing is this is how I found Spoonflower.. I saw this episode and wondered if designing your own fabric was a reality for the public.. I googled, and found you guys. Thrilled! 🙂

  • you wuz robbed! I was also quite surprised that they made fabric design seem so vastly inaccessible. I guess they want us to believe that we have to buy their expensive setup.

  • i have an HP touchscreen laptop, and i don’t like to use it to draw, its not too consistent and slightly jumpy, my wacom worked so much better and cost a LOT less.
    so i say go with what Stephen said.
    my laptop is a year old, maybe the new ones are nicer?
    what i did like was that program they were using. anyone know what it was? just the idea of ‘painting’ and seeing the repeat right away was pretty sweet.

  • You can get one of the HP Touchsmart computers on Amazon. But you can also 'paint' using a tablet from Wacom or any of the other companies that make them. Ours cost about $40.

  • I was thinking the same thing. ALTHOUGH, they did have access to some kind of touch screen technology that the average designer doesn’t. I’m hesitant to even attempt to design my own fabric because I’m not an artist by any stretch of the imagination. They really should’ve played up the HP/technology angle. Did you see one of the designers using a paintbrush on the screen? Very cool!

  • That’s a great example how out of sync with technology, and therefore reality, a lot of producers, professionals and designers are, really.
    Spoonflower, here’s your pr opportunity to send the producers a sample kit! 🙂