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MAR 4, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Vote for your favorite science fabrics

Fabric Of the Week theme for this week invites textile designs with a science or math theme. Vote for as many of the 80 fabrics as you like through Tuesday of next week and we'll announce the winner on Thursday.

Vote for your favorite Science fabrics

The participants in this week's contest are:

  1. 1.21 Gigawatts by cutiepoops
  2. 42_x_36 by greenkaijyu
  3. AccurPressure Moments by kkitwana
  4. Amoeba by parklanegirl
  5. amoeba grace by basilberrybakes
  6. Apollonian gasket by tilde
  7. astro2 by carmenland
  8. atomic boomerang by vo
  9. Bacterium by bryony
  10. Beakers by ankita
  11. Biology by whimzwhirled
  12. bonemen marching by zomo
  13. bubble theory pink and black by suziegirl
  14. bubblescience by sophalophofbread
  15. calcium atom image (from our lab) by teaandcakey
  16. candling duck eggs by easykeeper
  17. Carnivale by discodog01
  18. chalkboard geometry by saltlabs
  19. Charles Darwin by lisa_brown
  20. Chemical bonding by image_capsule
  21. Chemistry Lab by craftyfolk
  22. chocolate_molecule4 by cndlgrl
  23. Coffee – Caffeine Molecule by studiofibonacci
  24. Crazy Toxic Waste by olsen
  25. DGERARD_VIRUS by deegee
  26. DNA Stripes by nicholeann
  27. dna_candy by snork
  28. Equation by beenishz
  29. Fibonacci Flowers by shala
  30. Fibonacci Spiral by pantsmonkey
  31. Fishy by anahata
  32. Flame Test by spellstone
  33. floralmess1 by heatherbrady
  34. Fractal Chaos by kathchown
  35. fractal lace in blue by jeallen
  36. Fractals, Snowflakes and Rose Petals by suebee
  37. Funky_stars by dreamercz
  38. Germy Nation by ceanirminger
  39. Glass Menagerie by sammyk
  40. Heidelberg_Map_1 by tiacurtis
  41. infinity2-ed by trebligrachel
  42. JamJax_45_mirror by jamjax
  43. Life on Mars…mans best friend! by jellybeanquilter
  44. light blue fibonacci by robinde
  45. looking for bugs by lovefrombeth
  46. Love in the Time of Science (Liebe in der Zeit der Wissenschaft) by jenithea
  47. Love Red by s__lomac
  48. macrocosm4 by dolphinandcondor
  49. Mad Science by flappergirl
  50. mad science by avelis
  51. Mathfabric by renee2181
  52. multiply by bandanna
  53. Newton's Apples by wastenotsaks
  54. orbits by rabble
  55. Paramecia by jenimp
  56. peach flower lesson by maeula
  57. periodictabletoo by sorreldugan
  58. Periodic_Table_2010 by justa_chicklet
  59. plasma ball multi by uzumakijo
  60. quintbacteria1 by jkayep2
  61. radioactive atoms by quirkied
  62. RetroAtomic by kre8or
  63. river of time pattern by serenityseyes
  64. science by robbyraccoon
  65. Science by diversepixel
  66. science3 by kdartstudio
  67. science_contest by sastronic
  68. scientification by mandyh
  69. Technobable by annaoni
  70. the Distant Future (Slate Blue) by leighr
  71. The Fairyland of Science by heidikaether
  72. Touchingly Alone by winter
  73. Tree Circles by katty
  74. Vernal Equinox by nalo_hopkinson
  75. Vitruvius Maths by ag_designs
  76. vll_the_universe_displayed by victorialasher
  77. wellen-1 by vina
  78. White-red_poppy_11x14 by emprint
  79. wine and chocolate molecules by alicefukushima
  80. Yellow Fibonacci by carinaenvoldsenharris

Good luck!

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