Design contest: Vote for your favorite tattoo-themed fabrics

MAR 11, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Vote for tattoo-themed fabrics

Spoonflower's Fabric Of the Week contest theme this time around takes us on a detour into the exotic world of fabric shops in seedy ports where drunken sailors stumble in at all hours demanding tattoo-themed quilting cotton. We've got 43 fabrics in the running this week and you can vote for as many as you like! We'll announce the winner next week. Voting closes on Tuesday, March 16, at 6pm EST.


The participating designs and designers are:

  1. Beat the Devil's Tattoo by leighr
  2. bird_heart-ed-ch by nonnie
  3. black and white roses by winter
  4. BornToRideTat by littlebear
  5. bridal mendhi by weavingmajor
  6. Color Tatoo by lpds1220
  7. doodle_Q by trace
  8. Far Away Dreams by aimeeelisabeth
  9. Fish_doodles_fabric by ginnym
  10. Flaming Cherry Tattoo – A by voodoorabbit
  11. goddess tattoos by vo
  12. Green Tribal Sun Too by pantsmonkey
  13. Gyspy by laurenssummers
  14. Have I got a Deal For You by whimzwhirled
  15. hawaiin sea turtle tattoo by basilberrybakes
  16. Heart Compass by heartaday
  17. HeySailor by mirthquake
  18. I heart Mom by tokun
  19. inked-ch-ch by sorreldugan
  20. JoyfulRose "Tree of Life" by joyfulrose
  21. Lady Heart by samanthaheather
  22. onament3 by dolphinandcondor
  23. osiris by anahata
  24. Ouch_Tattoo7 by justa_chicklet
  25. Rainbow Sun Tribal Style by shala
  26. Sailor Tattoos by nicholeann
  27. Seven Seas by zeppomarks
  28. Sewing Forever Tattoo by cynthiafrenette
  29. sf_butterfly_tattoo by victorialasher
  30. she loves you tattoo by trebligrachel
  31. Skull 1 by jadegordon
  32. Smokin' Sparrows by sammyk
  33. spfltatoo2 by lynnerinart
  34. stupid fabric by hannafate
  35. Tat Attack!!! by ceanirminger
  36. Tatoo_Crest by jamjax
  37. tattoo by heidikenney
  38. Tattoo by diversepixel
  39. Tattoo Love by jenimp
  40. Tattoo Tumble by spellstone
  41. tattoo1 by vina
  42. tattoo_design by daniellehanson
  43. Tramp Stamps by parklanegirl

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  • hey – zoomable designs in the voting too! I didn’t see it at first, but if you make the text bigger (splat-plus on the Mac) it makes the design bigger and more detailed! As one of the folks who made a teeny tiny design that doesn’t show up well on a thumbnail – THANK YOU, spoonflower techie folks!!