Art Nouveau Fabric Design Winner: Congratulations to Lucie Duclos

MAR 25, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Art Nouveau Contest Winner by Lucie Declos of

The winner of our palette-restricted, Art Nouveau Fabric Of the Week contest is Fleurs_Nouvelles, by designer Lucie Duclos of San Rafael, California (of Congratulations, Lucie!

This contest featured a terrific bunch of entries. The average visitor cast votes for no fewer than seven favorites. Thanks to everyone who participated! The top ten designs in a contest full of lovely fabrics were:

1. 668 votes for Fleurs_Nouvelles
by snowflower

2. 639 votes for DaisyShell by shala
3. 583 votes for Art_Nouveau_Tulips by

4. 478 votes for art_nouveau by aninkling
5. 460 votes for Art_Nouveau_Stem_III by

6. 458 votes for art_nouveau_wheat_tight
by victorialasher

7. 423 votes for Bees and Apple Blossoms
by andrea_kopacek

8. 414 votes for Art Nouveau Alphabet-1
by lacefairy

9. 405 votes for sunflower by lfntextiles
10. 395 votes for NouveauSquirrels by

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