Submissions now open for contest to design fabric for Boba organic baby carrier: $500 prize

FEB 18, 2010 updated Apr 26, 2021

Boba-carrier-leaves From today (Thursday, February 18) through next Thursday (February 25), you can submit one fabric design in your Spoonflower account to a special Fabric Of the Week contest being sponsored by NAP, Inc,. the makers of the Boba 2G, a baby carrier made using organic cotton. The winning fabric design, as selected by the Spoonflower community in voting March 1-7, will be used in the back panel of the baby carrier. The winner will get to work with the folks at NAP, Inc. to name the new carrier.


  • Theme: nature. Choose a design that appeals to children and parents alike.
  • Each designer can enter a single fabric design from her Spoonflower account. [If you don't have a Spoonflower account, they're free. Get started here.]
  • Entries are open from Thursday, February 18 through Thursday, February 25, midnight EST.
  • Voting will take place March 1-7 via the Spoonflower blog and newsletter.
  • The winner will be announced on March 9, 2010 and will receive a $500 check from NAP, Inc.


  • Log in to Spoonflower. If you don't have an account, create one.
  • Go to your design library. If you don't yet have any designs, upload the design you wish to enter.
  • Pull down the Action menu underneath the design you wish to enter in the contest, and select Boba contest under Enter in Contest.
  • Choose the layout option for your design, then click the button that reads "Enter in Contest". If you wish to change the size/dpi of your design, you can do so using the edit option on this page.
  • If you decide to enter a different design or make changes, you can withdraw a design by following the same steps, then entering a new design.
  • You can only have one design active in the contest at a time. Once the entry period closes, we will 'freeze' the submitted designs.


    Baby-carrier dimensions

  • Upload designs in JPG, PNG, TIF, or GIF format. Your artwork should be sized at 150 dp. Once uploaded,  use the contest entry page to edit the repeat style of your
    fabric design.
  • Please submit an original design that complies with Spoonflower's Terms of Use.
  • The fabric panel on the Boba carrier is roughly 15 inches by 10 inches, but is not rectangular.
  • The point is not necessarily to design a panel that fits exactly into the available space, but to design a beautiful fabric that will make the carrier more striking when sewn into the back panel.
  • Other fabric colors in the pack that your design should coordinate with: black and brown (Pantone 4695 U). The green Boba logo is Pantone 381U.
  • Submitted designs must be public. To edit which of your designs are
    public, visit the Design Gallery page in your Spoonflower account,
    click on Design Details and check the box on the lower right that
    reads, "I would like to include this design in my public gallery."
  • In the keywords field please enter the word "Boba."
  • The size of the panel and the carrier colors are shown in the photo to
    the right. Note that the hex values of the colors vary quite a bit
    depending on your computer monitor — if you are seriously trying to match the
    colors of the carrier, use the Pantone values.
  • The area of fabric that will be used in the carrier is the area in the photo that is green.
  • If your design wins the contest, you'll have a chance to work with NAP, Inc. to tweak and refine the design as needed before the fabric panels are printed and the carrier goes into production.
  • Please note that unlike Spoonflower's usual weekly contests,
    participants in this contest must agree to grant NAP, Inc. full
    ownership rights to their design should they win the contest. Neither
    Spoonflower nor NAP, Inc. assert any rights over submitted designs not
    designated winners. You may delete any design you upload to Spoonflower
    at any time.
  • While we do not require that a design submitted to the contest have
    been purchased first, please consider that it's a
    good idea to at least see for yourself what your design looks like on
    fabric before entering it in a public contest. Swatches are $5.
  • If you have any questions, please drop us a line here.

Visit the official contest page, which includes all of the above information as well as more about the carrier itself.


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  • Mary, you can still adjust or replace your design that's in the contest by revisiting the entry page. You just can't enter a new design.

  • Oh, I wish I would have seen what you said about rerendering the design to look good in fat quarter preview, Stephen. I’m guessing it is too late now?

  • Victoria, unfortunately we can't re-write the contest code to create a display specifically for this contest. Because the initial round of voting is going to show the fat quarter size, you might try re-rendering your submitted design so that it will show to its best advantage in the fat quarter preview. Once we narrow down the entries, we're planning to manually texture-map each finalist design to the Boba carrier photo. We can't do that, however, for 250+ designs — it would take too long!