Steampunk fabric winner!

FEB 25, 2010 updated May 30, 2016
Steampunk fabric

Congratulations to Natalie Kelsey: her Charted Waters design won the most votes (by an impressive margin) in our first-ever Steampunk-themed Fabric Of the Week competition. Check out more of Natalie’s work on DeviantArt.

Thanks to all the participating designers! The top ten vote-getters were:

  1. 1011 votes for Charted Waters by winter
  2. 672 votes for Steam strings by jasmo
  3. 615 votes for pufferfish by kimkim
  4. 569 votes for Clockwork Collage by ophelia
  5. 495 votes for Steampunk Swirls by redpumpkinstudio
  6. 384 votes for Dream machine by mandyh
  7. 332 votes for Gear up! by vo
  8. 315 votes for Nanny Toggleswitch by ceanirminger
  9. 313 votes for Toile de steampunk by ag_designs
  10. 308 votes for Steampunk Aviation by mouo

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