Fabric Of the Week: Invasion Of the Bugs! Vote for your favorites

FEB 4, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Vote for your favorite BUG fabric

This week's fabric design theme is BUGS! We have a whopping 106 creepy-crawly fabrics to admire this week.  The ballot has three pages and — as usual — you can 'check' as many designs as you like.

The participants are:

  1. Sunny Day. Busy Ants. by Adeline Lim 
  2. Buggy Booga by Adrian Post 
  3. charming ladybug by adriane lopez 
  4. Housefly by Alex Morgan 
  5. butterfly border blue brown by Ali_C 
  6. Flea de Corps by alison oliver 
  7. Bee bliss by Amanda H 
  8. insects spoonflower by Angelica Burgen 
  9. Wings by Anna Cole 
  10. Green Snails by Antony Briggs 
  11. Ladybugs by Audrey Clayton 
  12. Bugzyville by Beenish Zia 
  13. Ladybird by Cate Cook 
  14. the spider and the bee by Cathy Hamilton 
  15. I Love Bugs! by Cherie Balowski 
  16. fluttering butterflies by cheska 
  17. Little Boy Bugs by Christina Dennis 
  18. Rollie Pollie Bugs Rainbow by Christine Hansen 
  19. Beetle Bouquet by Claire Bircher 
  20. Ants at My Picnic by Colette Lindemann 
  21. Grasshoppers by Connie Kaiser 
  22. lined up ladybirds by danielle hanson 
  23. Creepy Cameo by Danika Sea 
  24. butterflies by Dayna Gedney 
  25. Lizzy and the Ladies by Deborah Mote 
  26. jewel beetles by dedree drees 
  27. BeezNeeezzz by Denise 
  28. Ladybug Swinging Single by Denise 
  29. Return of Mothra by Denise Dodd 
  30. bugs! by elisabeth lindsey 
  31. Bugs on branches by Emily 
  32. shoofly pie by Emily Valenza 
  33. Bumbling Bees by Erica Deam 
  34. Dragonflies dancing by Eva Marion Seyffarth 
  35. Käfer #1by Frauke Hahne 
  36. Butterfly Fields by Gail Paula DeLeon 
  37. Millipedes by Heather Brady 
  38. Bees Love Sunflowers by Helen Klebesadel 
  39. insects by Holli Zollinger 
  40. Webbed Spider by JamJax 
  41. Buggy by jeanetta gonzales 
  42. Butterflies are Free by Jeni Paltiel 
  43. Daisy Bees by Jennifer Addotta 
  44. Bugs at Play by Jenny B Harris 
  45. BUGS_on_blue by Jone Hallmark 
  46. Lovebugs by Joni Stringfield 
  47. Green Lacewing by Julie Shaw 
  48. Sunshine Bugs! by Karen Chu 
  49. Butterfly Inspiration by Karen cox 
  50. Mantis by Karen Hart 
  51. betterfly by Kim Lennox 
  52. Butterfly hearts by Kim Nguyen Love 
  53. Magentabutterfly by Kindershop 
  54. In Search of Nectar by Kolleen Fortenberry 
  55. Butterfly Migration by Krista Hamrick 
  56. butterfly by ky Deslatte 
  57. Bee Mine by Lauren Gardner 
  58. SkwyntyBugs by Lauren Linn 
  59. butterflies_2 by LeeAnne Snozek 
  60. Monarch by Lesley Smith 
  61. Butterfly Waterfall by Lesli Pepper 
  62. patterned_bugs_blue by Linn Bodur 
  63. Ladybugs and Leaves by Lisa Dawson 
  64. Scattered Wings by Liz Onstad 
  65. butterfly_garden by Lyell Rodieck 
  66. pinkbugs by Lynn Baron 
  67. Dragonflies by margaret baxter 
  68. Indian moon moth by Mary Anne Mohanraj 
  69. Spotted by Mathilda Tan 
  70. Here's looking at you by meg murray 
  71. Busy Bee by melanie Hamilton 
  72. Baby Bumblebee by Melanie Medina 
  73. Coccinelles by Michele Ouellet 
  74. Honeybee-honeycomb-green by Mina Wagner 
  75. BUGS GO WILD by nadine Westcott 
  76. Flea Circus by Nalo Hopkinson 
  77. Hopalong Cassidy by Naomi Wilson 
  78. Chenilles by natacha devaud 
  79. Butterflies At My Window by Natalie Kelsey 
  80. Luna Moth on Tile by Nora 
  81. Buzzy by Penny Cork 
  82. ladybug1 by Pepie 
  83. bugs in the bush by Raul 
  84. butterfly explore by raven erebus 
  85. Praying Mantis by Reva Erskine 
  86. Deco Beetles by Robin Sussillo 
  87. blue grasshopper by Rose 
  88. Bugtastic! by Samarra Khaja 
  89. Boys love Bugs – Mustard by Sara Pokorny 
  90. Bee Skyline by Sarah Melancon 
  91. Loads of ladybugs by Shannon Benavidez 
  92. bug polka check by Sharon Turner 
  93. Teddy's Bug Collection by Shirlene Perini 
  94. Snail & Bee by Smile Recipe 
  95. Moths are Marvelous by Star Primm 
  96. Slugs on Parade by Stephanie Baldwin 
  97. HoneyBees by Tamara Hensley 
  98. Retro_Bugz by Think House 
  99. dragonflypond by uzumakijo 
  100. Brimstone by Vibeke Loohuis 
  101. In The Garden by vicki jenkins 
  102. Drifting Luna Moths by Victoria Lasher 
  103. Dare you to wear scarabs by virginia 
  104. Half Web_Blue by Voodoo Rabbit 
  105. Bee Fab! by Wendee Wingfield 
  106. Locust Jump by Yvonne Herbst

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