All you need is LOVE fabric: Vote for Fabric Of the Week, Valentine’s Day Edition

FEB 11, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Vote for all the fabrics you love
We had 81 entries in our love-themed Fabric Of the Week contest, so this week you'll have three pages of designs to peruse. As usual, you can vote for ALL the designs you like. Happy Valentine's Day!

The participants competing this week are:

  1. All of a flutter by bry
  2. Batty_4_U by kiki_
  3. Be Mine by pinkmonkeyflower
  4. be mine by ag_designs
  5. Bear Hugs (#008-00) Milk by inscribed_here
  6. Black & Red Valentine Playing Card by aydeeyai
  7. Blocks of Love by lpds1220
  8. costume love by moxywares
  9. Crafty Candy Hearts by jenimp
  10. Crazy Love by lacefairy
  11. cross-stitched hearts by smila
  12. Doves and Hearts by katharinahirsch
  13. Dreaming Heart by pantsmonkey
  14. emily_s_pattern by emilyclaire
  15. Family Values by giftinspired
  16. Finding Love by ttoz
  17. First Love by jeezvanilla
  18. four_red_hearts by jone
  19. Guitar Love by tlouey
  20. Happytines by parklanegirl
  21. hateless by neetee
  22. Heart Shine by winter
  23. Hearts by kdartstudio
  24. HeartThrob by greenmyeyes
  25. I Heart Hippos by arcana-j
  26. i heart type by studio_tm
  27. I heart you by taraput
  28. In love 2 by nadja_p
  29. in the pink by drbadjen
  30. Jello hearts by hannafate
  31. Karners Love Lupine by helenklebesadel
  32. Language of love by simplydollicious
  33. Locks___d-s by rtzfrtz
  34. Lots of hand drawn hearts by antonybriggs
  35. Love by natalie
  36. Love Alive by think_house
  37. Love Bird by bryony
  38. Love Fiesta by sammyk
  39. love filled hearts by katykeuter
  40. love heart by scrummy
  41. Love in a box by jasmo
  42. Love In Bloom by heidikaether
  43. Love is in the Air by sew-me-a-garden
  44. Love letters by kimnlove56
  45. lovebunnies4 by kre8or
  46. lovegarden mirror by uzumakijo
  47. Loves me…Loves me not! by cutiepoops
  48. love_is_a_nice_cup_of_tea by etrewinchester
  49. love_neon by corentine
  50. loving peace by thalis87
  51. LUV_SWEAT_N_TEARS by kimkim
  52. Matchmaker (pink) by leighr
  53. Oh…el amor!!! by tilde
  54. Only You by beenishz
  55. pachy smooch by abbethune
  56. peace-love3 by antoniamanda
  57. Pierrot and Pierrette by shirlene
  58. Pink Matryoshka Doll Love by tortagialla
  59. red_heart by innerfire
  60. Robot Heart Shaped Head by herartsheloves
  61. Romantic Love by findevogel
  62. scandibirds by funkynature
  63. Scandinavian Love by zeppomarks
  64. So Much Love by klynnmorton
  65. Still Rather Fond of Red by nalo_hopkinson
  66. Sweet Heart by image_capsule
  67. Sweet Love by mandyh
  68. Sweet Moons by deboraheve
  69. sweethearts by asset68
  70. Tattoo Love by hamburgerliebe
  71. The Swan I Love by cean
  72. Tummyflies by anahata
  73. tunnel of love by indi
  74. TWEEThearts by mytinystar
  75. Valentine Wine by spellstone
  76. valentine_punkarmed_and_dangerous by papertiguer
  77. Valentine_s_Heart_Pattern_Fabric_150 by heartaday
  78. valentine_toile French by humpty
  79. vll_cut_paper_valentine_collage_1-ch by victorialasher
  80. XO with love by vo

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  • My fabric (Happytines by Anna Cole/ parklanegirl) is showing up as a red “x” instead of a picture of the fabric! Is this because I was exhausted and got the application for this contest wrong? Any way to fix it so that it shows up when people are voting?

  • So let’s say you see a design on here that you THINK you have seen before. It looks familiar, or even almost the same as some other design online. At this point, unless you are willing to be taking some legal action, is it not smart to first [as per Spoonflower’s suggestion] give the designer the benefit of doubt? What if they really did come up with a similar design to something that existed, and had no idea??
    Of COURSE the responsibility to not print or use copyrighted material is still with the designer/Spoonflower – but even IF you are 100% sure, why post it here instead of sending Spoonflower an email??
    The satisfaction of finding fault with others does not have to be so great as to point out their mistakes to the entire community – unless there is ANY benefit to the outcome.
    In the past when a user entered someone else’s design in a contest, Spoonflower DID make it known – in time and with respect for all – to all users. I don’t think we have to worry about them trying to bypass copyright laws.

  • It was my comment that was unpublished and I can’t understand why Spoonflower would think anyone is obligated to be “helpful or fair” to a “designer” who is using someone else’s designs. That’s pretty backwards. And if the “designer” sees fit to upload a design and publicly take credit for it, then they ought to anticipate that someone might point out that their design is not original. It is truly a twisted idea of “positive spirit” to think that people ought to be able to steal well-known images without any fear of being publicly caught at it. Or that they need to be shielded from embarrassment with a “helpful” and “friendly” nudge in private so that everyone can go on pretending it never happened. More importantly, it is not reasonable to state that anything goes on your site, even if the design in question is a very familiar one, unless and until someone submits proof of infringement to you – you are hosting this process and printing and selling these fabrics and you need to take responsibility for it. I am wondering now if you have even the most basic understanding of how copyright law works. It’s not ok to just host and sell infringing designs and say that you were waiting for someone else to notify you and provide proof of infringing material. You need to take a more proactive role than that. Whether you want to or not, and whether you think it’s fair or not, or “friendly” or not, that is how the law works.

  • This is a friendly note to let folks know that we just unpublished a comment here that made a vague accusation about some contest designs. For the record, when and if copyrighted content appears on Spoonflower — which sometimes happens — we DO want to know about it. But the appropriate way to let us know is to send an email to help@spoonflower with a link to the specific content you suspect of infringement and specific information on the work you feel has been infringed. That will allow us to put together the objective information necessary to make a decision. Publicly posting something like “I’m sure I’ve seen that somewhere before” may seem natural, but it is not helpful or fair to the designer you are impugning. I believe the positive spirit of our community is best preserved by taking a cooperative and friendly approach to the enforcement of rules rather than an accusatory one. I hope that makes sense!