Toile Noir by Wins Toile De Jouy Fabric Of the Week Contest

JAN 21, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

Noir Toile by Marnie Long - buy it now

Congratulations to the talented Marnie Long of MDesignStudio in Austin, Texas. Her Toile Noir narrowly won over a  number of terrific toiles that garnered high vote totals. Check out the final results below.

Thanks to all the designers who participated!

Noir Toile by Marnie Long        493
Antique Chairs by Julie
Shaw 474
Alice in Wonderland Toile
by Star Primm 473
Pastoral Piggy Toile by
Tinet Elmgren          463
upandaway by kim lennox        443
red toile by Holli
Zollinger        311
giant flying squirrel attack
by Sarah Melancon                   310
Techie Toile in Coral by
Barbr Ignatiev      305
naughty modern toile by
Samanth Hahn    294
Bunny Toile by Shirlene
Perini       283
Bicycle Built for Two – Toile
by Liz Burritt                   271
NauticalToile by kari    259
Toile du Iowa by Sandra
Stewart    253
garden toile 2 by Monica
Meehan                   245
Strawberry Tea by Alex
Morgan     244
tallships toile by
bowsprite        205
KnightAndDayToile by
jackie carpenter      196
Floral Hydrange Toile by
Amy Kuhl Cox 194
Crocus Toile by Meghan            188
San Marco Toile by Emily
Valenz                 188
Circle of Friends by Jone
Hallmark                 184
Parrot Forest Toile by
Michael Uhlenkott     184
Publiceye by Robini Hill          183
Toile de Toil by Pamela
LaReaux 183
Sewing-Toile by Christine
Hansen                  177
Picnic with Cthulhu by
Jennifer Shepherd 171
short walk by loeb         164
Mother Goose blue toile by
Sylvi Ion          162
Donkeys, Dogs, and
by Whitney Shaw                 159
Hansel und Gretel Toile Fabric
by Yvonne Herbst     156
Toile De Buddh Black by
Meli Newman                   153
storytime toile by
shout4joy     150
Precious Ba by Toile by
Kolleen Fortenberry              143
let's pretend by Rose     139
Maine Lighthouse Toile by
Lori Howe          135
toile de joy by laura
wilson       135
sugar house cow pasture
by Kathy Howard 127
Artichoke from Seed to Flower
by elisabeth      124
Orang by Ernest Mohs                 121
Retro Folk Toile – Red by
Denisse DiGiorgio              120
toile_bluecream by Adriana
Hernandez        119
FleckchenErde Landschaft
by Kati Meden       107
Green Floral Toile by
Lesli Pepper                  100
Shadow Tree of Tears Toile
by Deborah Lynn Bielski              93
steppes by natach devaud        91
Flower Fairy Toile by
Heidi Kaether              90
Bird & Berry by June
Jewell      86
two scholars meet by zoe
morrow-zomo      82
Coming Up Roses by Tamara
Hensley          69
pansy_toile_blue by Ali_C        66
Garden Wedding by
Cynthia Strickland 63
st george red white by vo           61
floral twist by Lisa
Ackermann        58
funky gypsy toile by Elizabeth
McKenzie 53
Easter mini toile violet
by Victori Lasher    51
Little Hungry Bear Toile
by annette ooyevaar             51
Slavery Toile by Kweli
Kitwan     47
Sweet Ba by Toile by Erica
In The Garden Marie~Antoinette
by Natalie Hamade                 43
Gathering by Nalo
Hopkinson         43
modern Toile de Jouy direct
from Paris
by corentine                 43
Goblin Market Toile de Jouy
by Fion McDonald     33
Astrotoile2 by Sarah
Claire        31
MUSIC in the FOREST by Sue
Dud             29
cattail toile by melanie
hamilton     26
BlueToile011010 by Kristie
Hubler                 21
Upton House – Dorset by
Sally Ellis               16
toile_bouquet by Ruth
Bahri     13

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