Sweet Crayon Skillz: Crayon fabric design winner is…

JAN 28, 2010 updated May 30, 2016

'Sweet Things' by danielle hanson

Congratulations to Danielle Hanson (of Ragtales), a UK designer who this week earns the distinction of becoming the first person to win two Fabric Of the Week contests (remember her Bird Calendar in November?). Danielle's "Sweet Things" is the winner of a contest week devoted exclusively to fabric designs created using the most primitive, low-tech drawing tool we could think of: Crayons. We saw some pretty amazing work, no? Maybe next time we should limit a contest to fabric designs created using sticks scratching in dirt. I'm sure the Spoonflower community would still amaze us.

The top ten vote-winning designs from last week's amazing Crayon fabric design competition were:

  1. sweet things by danielle hanson
  2. Will you be my Rainbow Valentine? by Monique Daley
  3. End of Summer Apples by Krista Hamrick
  4. valentine by laura wilson
  5. Crayon Pond by Rebecca Lovell
  6. International Children Paper Dolls in Crayon by Amy Kuhl Cox   496
  7. Roots and Vines by Anna Cole
  8. crayon roses by Sarah Melancon  333
  9. Crayon Ideal by Amanda Hurwitz
  10. Spaceships For Girls! by jessee m

Thank you to ALL who participated!

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