More Themed Fabric Of the Week Contests: Calendars, Celestial Designs By Hand & Children’s Clothing Patterns

NOV 5, 2009 updated Apr 26, 2021

Entries for the Fish and Colors contest closed on Monday with — whew — just under 80 entries. We plan to post all of those fabrics for voting next week, but in the meantime below is a short list of upcoming themed Fabric of the Week contests, along with entry forms and deadlines. This will allow the ambitious among you to get started early. Please do keep in mind that we reserve the right to modify or clarify these guidelines as needed as the actual deadlines approach, so check the blog now and then for new notes. We'll probably also post one or two additional themes over the next weeks to fill in the gaps in our contest calendar.

Contest rules and Q&A can be found here.more about our contests

Calendars: Using no more than a fat quarter of
quilting-weight fabric, design a hanging wall calendar for 2010. A fat
quarter is 21 inches by 18 inches (53.3 cm x 45.7cm). Deadline is Monday, November 16, 2009 at noon EST. For inspiration, see these lovely calendars from the brilliant Michelle of Cicada Studio. [pls note that she did not print her calendars through Spoonflower, but used her own process] Entry form for calendars is HERE.

Celestial: Starting from a non-digital
piece of art — collage, painting or drawing — create a fabric design
with a celestial theme (stars, moon, sun, planets, clouds, winds,
heavens). You can manipulate the design digitally in order to create
the file you upload to Spoonflower, but the more non-digital the art,
the better. We'll post an example on the blog soon for inspiration.
Deadline is Monday, November 23, 2009, at noon EST. Entry form for Celestial is HERE.

Children's Clothing: Create a sewing pattern and design for an article of children's clothing that includes — in one yard — all the pieces, cut lines, seam allowances and short instructions printed directly on the fabric. This
is obviously a tough one, but we know some of you are up to it.
[Probably not a good one for folks not familiar with using vector art
programs.] Deadline is Monday, December 14, 2009, at noon EST. Entry form for Children's Clothing theme is HERE.

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  • Thank You. I did place an order + not sure how to let you know which one it is to expedite it, but it’s the only one I have processing at the moment.

  • You don't have to order it beforehand, but it would certainly be a good idea so you can see if it works and perhaps take a photo as well for the Flickr pool. If you do, let us know and we'll expedite it. You're not the first!

  • Do we have to order a yard of our childrens’ clothing pattern to see if it works? I would, but not sure if I have time before the deadline. Also a bit cautious to be the first to upload my design…?

  • Using any existing pattern would be copyright infringement. Seriously. Yes, they might be “free” – but that never means you can use it for a derivative work. Which a Spoonflower pattern would be.
    Therefor – VERY bad idea to use an existing pattern. Spoonflower are the ones that will get the cease & desist, not the designer.

  • i have a question about the children’s clothing pattern…
    can we use an already existing pattern and just make a cool design on it?
    like scan in a pattern and have a design thats not repeating and just write the instructions? or should it be an original design?
    i only ask b/c items like pants and dresses are so universal and free templates can be found anywhere!

  • i have to say i was very pleased to see the celestial picked as a theme… this is right up my spiritual alley…
    when i read that the children’s clothing was going to be a theme my face fell (but only for a moment) i also understand that this is a way to limit and to stretch ones creative abilities…
    i can’t say that i will be able to participate in the clothing theme but who knows…im up for some intensive clothing design education…(i didnt think i could draw with my non dominate hand either and then i gave it a whirl)…its all in the attitude and the will to try…
    i see this as “more than a contest”…actually a way to connect with others and within oneself…i appreciate being able to see my designs in fabric, to connect with other artists, and to stretch my mind…thank you spoonflower!!!

  • It's just a way of limiting the theme to inspire people to be more creative. Lots of people work this way anyway and we've had a number of requests to run a contest theme that is limited to non-digital art. We'll have lots of other themes that do not have this restriction.

  • Why the push for non-digital base art in Celestial? I always have problems with funky colors when I scan analog art to print (color gradations skew, out of gamut colors). I don’t get it.

  • As usual, we'll be pretty liberal about what we accept so feel free to be creative. The sewing pattern idea is a very cool one, but will probably limited to a pretty small number of designers. Thanks for the suggestion!

  • Wow! You really managed to take our suggestions into these themes! 🙂 Happy… Especially happy since this gives me enough time to design, order and sew result, at least for the last theme.
    Does Clothing include accessories? Ach, I’ll just borrow my neighbor’s daughter.