Two New Themed Fabric Design Contests: Numbers and Doll Panels

OCT 1, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

Because themed Fabric Of the Week contests are turning out to be so much fun, we're going to keep running with the idea for a while longer. Pulling from some of the stellar suggestions we received when we posted about themes a couple of weeks ago, we've got two new contest themes to announce, the first on a short turnaround and the second on a longer time frame so you have a chance to gather your creative wits. They are:

Number-fabric contest

Numbers. Simple enough, right? Design a fabric using numbers. Deadline is this Monday, October 5, at noon EST. Entry form and details are here.

Doll Panels. One of the coolest uses of digital textile printing is to create dolls and other plush toys. At Spoonflower we get to see people doing cool stuff along these lines all the time. So the next contest theme — with a longer time frame for entry — is dolls. Deadline is Monday, October 19, at noon, EST. Entry form and details are here. [for an example, see the talented Jennifer Vallez of Sophie and Lili.]

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  • Hi Kim & Stephen,
    I have a couple of questions regarding the doll panel contest. I hope you can help clarify some points for me.
    1. Are we to submit a full “working” doll panel (ie. with instructions for assembly on the panel) or just the dolls?
    2. Should we be working with a full yard artboard without repeats for the panel and if so, when you post pictures of the entries will you be taking a variety of shots per entry to show the finer details?
    I’m just not sure how to go about starting so any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated!