Fabric Designs With Numbers: Vote For Your Favorite Fabric Of the Week Finalist

OCT 15, 2009 updated May 30, 2016
Vote for Fabric of the Week

Once again this week, we fudged a little and have sixteen — rather than the planned fifteen — finalist designs based on the voting last week. From forty down to sixteen is not bad, and ended up with a really diverse group of designs for our Numbers-themed Fabric Of the Week competition.

You'll have only one vote this week, so choose carefully. On the polling page you'll see a photo of all of the fabrics and then a series of squares showing the designs themselves. You'll vote by clicking on the design you like the best and when you do so you should see a green check mark appear on the design. Submit your vote by clicking the 'done' button at the bottom of the polling page. Voting happens here. Please vote only one time!

Based on the voting last week, our finalists are:

The deadline for submitting doll panels for next week's contest is Monday, October 19th at noon EST.

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