Fabric Of the Week Semi-Finals: Spoons and Flowers and on and on

SEP 24, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

SpoonFlowersLion by Emily Whittaker is one of the designs up for voting this week

It's Thursday morning and as I sit here typing and taking slow sips of much-needed coffee, exhaustion mingles with astonishment. As you may remember, over the past month or so we ran two holiday-themed Fabric Of the Week contests and got quite a few entries — enough to challenge the primitive logistics of running our little contest. So — just to give ourselves a bit of a break – we decided that the next design theme should be obscure. If it's a really narrow theme, went our thinking, we'll get only a few entries and that will make next week into an easy one. So as a theme we chose fabric designs that included "spoons and flowers." Narrow, right? Well we got seventy entries (in four days). Creativity thrives on adversity, does it not? You folks are amazing. And I am really tired.

Because we had seventy entries this week and didn't want to turn 'Spoons and Flowers' into a four-week contest, we've done things a bit differently this time around. Regular voters know that we usually print samples of all the competing fabrics and photograph them for the voting. This time we did not. When you click on the voting link this week instead of photos you'll see digital versions of the designs rendered as they would look in repeat on a fat quarter of fabric (21" x 18"). There are seven pages of designs with 10 designs per page (and lots of good ones on the back pages, so keep going until the end). You can cast up to three votes per page, but you don't have to cast any votes on a page unless you see a design or designs you really love. We gave you three votes per page in case all your favorite designs end up on one page of the poll.

At the close of voting next week (Tuesday), we will take the top fifteen vote-getting designs, print them on fabric, photograph them and post them for voting in a final round in which you will have only one vote (on Thursday). That's how we'll come up with the winner.

In the meantime, thanks and congratulations to the amazing folks who put their creativity to work on the task of creating fabric designs that use both spoons and flowers. Take a look through the entries — there is some really lovely work.

Vote here. Follow the results in real time here.

The entrants are:

  • 1) db_spoon_and_flower_03 by Darci Falin
  • 2) spoonflower-ed by Alice Cochran
  • 3) Nasturtiums Spoons Mosaic by Jane Walker
  • 4)'4SpoonsOfFlowers' by auntiecats
  • 5) Spooning Orchid by Cynthia Strickland
  • 6) Spoonflower_contest by Sylvia Ion
  • 7) My_Milkshake_Brings by Corrie Jeffords
  • 8) Measuring Spoons by disgustedcats
  • 9) Spoon and flower by cynthiafrenette
  • 10) vll_april_showers_may_bring_spoonflowers by victorialasher
  • 11) SP_GD by Gail Paula DeLeon
  • 12) 9_09_Spoonflower_final11 by electricgoddess33
  • 13) bakersspoonflowers by elisabeth
  • 14) spoonsflowerslion by Emily Whittaker
  • 15) flower_spoon_fabric_idea by nanayane
  • 16) Spoon Flower Festival by geemarie
  • 17) Spoonflowers4 by Rosey_Lady
  • 18) spoonflower by hadleyhutton
  • 19) Fleur de Cuillère by Heather Dutton
  • 20) EPSN7698_copy by this_n_that
  • 21) Flower_Spoons_and_Bumble_Bees by Jennie Baer
  • 22) spoonflower_owl_2 by Gila von Meissner
  • 23) 'vintage_spoonsnflowers' by snork
  • 24) Daisy Spoon by Jenimp
  • 25) Dandylion-ed by Jane Crowe
  • 26) Jiah_spoonflower_entry by Jiah
  • 27) SpoonFlower by karidesign
  • 28) i dig flowers by spoonflower4kelli
  • 29) justspoony by Kelli Perkins
  • 30) Spoons and Flowers Westie Chef by Kim Niles
  • 31) Roses and Spoonflowers by Kathy Howard
  • 32) my-grandmother_s-spoon by katy keuter
  • 33) Pickin' Spoonflowers by kkitwana
  • 34) grow_where_you_grow_best by kate_ryskamp
  • 35) spoonflower by Maryalina
  • 36) SpoonFlower Apron by monkeybutt
  • 37) Spoon_Power by Lindsay Nightingale
  • 38) Green Tea by Linda Graham
  • 39) antiquespoonflower by Leslie Pepper
  • 40) blooming spoons by LucindaNewtonDunn
  • 41) Crazy_Spoon_Flowers by Sandra Stewart
  • 42) spoonflowerfun by windflower
  • 43) spoonflower-04 by Mendi Bradley
  • 44) Spoonflower3 by Meredith McDaris
  • 45) lovinspoonful by Michelle Freedman
  • 46) 'Dish and Spoon' by cateanevski
  • 47) Golden Spoon by Nancy Malay
  • 48) Spoons and Flowers, Flowers and Spoons by Pam LaReaux
  • 49) spoon by Ky Deslatte
  • 50) flower_power_spoon_repeat-ch by Susan Philpott
  • 51) Catching Flowers by Cathy Fronczak
  • 52) Thirteenth time's the charm…by Kristi White
  • 53) flowers and spoons by April Marie Mai
  • 54) spoons-made-from-flowers by royalforest
  • 55) spf318 by Ruth Marler
  • 56) Bug Garden by Sebastian Cruz
  • 57) Chocolate Spoon Flowers by Shala Kerrigan
  • 58) light blue spoons by Robin Devereux
  • 59) spoonflower by shout4joy2thelord
  • 60) PIC_0007 by pumpkincatzak
  • 61) My_Soonflower by Alex Morgan
  • 62) curtains colored by staceyjoy elkin
  • 63) Spoondylions by periwinklepaisley
  • 64) 'spoons_and_flowers' by susalabim
  • 65) doodle_M_001-ch by Tracy Denney
  • 66) spoonflower bud by Linda Tieu
  • 67) Flower-spoon-tea by Timothy Rayner
  • 68) spoonflower_1jpg by vo
  • 69) 'Blooming Spoons' by uptown_girl
  • 70) HarvestSpoon by Kathleen Fajardo
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    • I had a blast designing for such an obscure theme. 🙂 It’s my first time entering, so let’s see… possibly go for a larger motive next time, owls are meant as a very small-scale fabric.
      Can’t wait to see who’s winning!