Ghostly Paisley Spooks the Competition: Halloween Fabric of the Week Winner

SEP 24, 2009 updated Jul 24, 2017

Last week’s round of Halloween fabrics offered some pretty intense competition, but artist Cate Anevski’s Ghostly Paisley design walked away with the win. You will not be surprised to hear that Cate lives in Portland, but her blog resides here – so check it out. We’ll be selling Ghostly Paisley for the next six days in our Etsy shop as a limited edition fabric, so don’t miss it.

If you’re looking to refresh your memory about all the participants’ designs, check our Halloween Flickr set. On a side note, please keep in mind that the contest is set up so that each person should be able to vote only once. If you vote twice it won’t have any real impact, but a single person casting many votes is against the rules.

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