A quilt contest and a glossary

SEP 8, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

I used to think of September as a month where nothing much happened, but this year it's proven to be quite a whirlwind.  Already!  And only a week into it! 

Over here in the Spoonflower shop, I'm afraid that we labored in honor of Labor Day.  But when I got home, I put in some much-needed puttering time in my sewing room, finishing up a few small odds and ends and even tackling some mending that's been sitting around for a few weeks.  I'm trying to get things cleared out before I really get started on my Christmas present sewing. 

Okay, what I was really doing was using up every possible excuse for not getting started on a quilt for my oldest daughter's new room.  I'm a bit daunted, see, because I've never made a full-size quilt.  I've got most of my fabrics chosen now…or at least, I think I do except that there are some freaking amazing designs available now in our beta marketplace that would look great on her quilt, too.  Like this one.  And this one.  And oooh, this one….

KellyGPhelps quilt But I digress.  As is usual lately.  Fortunately, not every sewist is as unfocused or short on time as I am.  The Alliance for American Quilts announced the winners of their "Crazy for Quilts" themed contest recently, to which Spoonflower proudly contributed some prizes.  One of the first place winners in the under-30 category–Kelly Phelps whose quilt is pictured left–had never even made a quilt before!  Nice work, everyone!  My first quilt was of the pastel, lots-of-right-angles baby quilt variety, so I admire the daring of many of the entries.

And in the spirit of jumping around a lot lately, I also wanted to share with you a handy little Glossary of Pattern Design that Stephen ran across today.  I've learned a ton about fabric and design since we first launched Spoonflower a year and a half ago, but I don't mind saying that this glossary taught me some terms I hadn't heard before.  Cartouche anyone?

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  • Thanks, Melissa, I love all those designs, too. It probably sounds funny but after a year and a half of running Spoonflower, I keep wondering if people’s creative ideas will somehow dry up–but they don’t! It’s pretty awesome seeing so many amazing designs concentrated in one place!