Free Swatch Day Today

AUG 20, 2009 updated Apr 26, 2021

Just in case you missed the hullabaloo yesterday when we announced that Free Swatch Day would take place on Thursday [thus befuddling the 50% of the population who get halfway through the week and manage Free Swatch Day will raise money for to convince themselves that it is already Thursday… me being one of them], today really is Free Swatch Day on Spoonflower. That means that up until 11:59 pm Eastern Time you'll be able to get up to two free swatches on our site just by adding them to your cart. All the details are HERE. [Note to folks outside of the US: Eastern Time is the same as New York.] We're also using this as an excuse to harness a little of the power of our amazing community of crafty peeps to raise money for a terrific organization called Heifer International. We'll keep you posted here on how much money we raise, but let me just say now that we're hoping at least to come up with enough to buy a couple of llamas.

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