Themed Fabric Of the Week: Christmas in August!

AUG 13, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

Christmas Fabric contest To liven things up in our already lively Fabric Of the Week competition, we've decided to try a few themed contests. Our first theme is… Christmas! Why? Because if you're planning to make things for Christmas this year you probably need to get to work early.

The big difference between our themed contests and our usual contests is that themed contests will be open to everyone, including those designers whose work has been featured in (and perhaps even won) previous competitions. Regular readers know that in general we have tried to feature new designers each week in the Fabric Of the Week contest and thus have ignored multiple entries. To manage themed contests, we'll be creating a new form for each contest with a clean slate on each one. Entry is open to one and all, but keep in mind that you will have to have a Spoonflower account to enter and the design you want to enter has to be in your account.

Read all about it and submit your own Christmas design right here.

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  • We have a lot of designs already. No doubt it will take a couple of weeks to
    get through them all. So I may close the entry form tonight, but if you
    finish tomorrow just email me and I’ll add your design.

  • Has the deadline for the Christmas Theme designs been firmed up??
    Is it EST? Is it definitely today?
    I’m feverishly working away here.
    Are deadlines generally midnight of the specified day or what?
    Obviously I’m new to all this.