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AUG 4, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

Spoonflower staff
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It's a little quiet around here this week in the shop. Of course, the printers are going full-blast on a healthy queue of designs, but Spoonflower is down a couple of awesome employees as of last Friday.

Rachel, pictured center front, has gone off to try her hand at law school after cracking the whip over Spoonflower finances for the past few months. We'll miss Rachel's organizational gifts, but I hope it won't offend her if I say that I'll really miss her sense of style and unbelievable shoe collection. It was always a treat for me to see what she had on her feet when she arrived for work–a different pair every day, though a particular pair of purple leather flats with leopard buckles stands out in my memory.

Allie, pictured at the far right front, was a summer intern with us who has left us to finish her degree in fashion and textile merchandising at N.C. State. Allie had the most solid work ethic of any person her age I think I've ever met–or perhaps of anyone I've ever met! Allie ran the printers from the wee hours of the morning til the late morning crew showed up. Then she'd move over to the cutting table and bust out bin after bin full of packaged fabric–all without a single complaint. Ever.

We've been very lucky to have attracted good folks to Spoonflower, and are very sorry to see these two go! Good luck, y'all!

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