The Spoonflower story on American Public Media’s “The Story”

JUL 7, 2009

Dick GordonThe National Public Radio American Public Media program The Story airs an interview today with yours truly about how we came to create Spoonflower. The host, Dick Gordon (pictured left), pieces together the tale of my improbable transformation from marketing geek to textile entrepreneur, a journey prompted by Kim's longing for a particular set of curtains and fortified by the steely nerves of my business partner, friend and former boss, Gart. If the show is not carried on your local station, you can still catch the podcast version on the web.

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  • Chez,

    Thanks for the note! We try to keep up with as many craft blogs as possible and many of them have been kind enough to write about Spoonflower. But I'm afraid we don't spend money on advertising at this stage. If we did, supporting folks like the ones you mention would be an excellent application of funds.


  • Hey, I heard your story on WUNC and couldn’t wait to check out your site. Pretty awesome! I think it’s a fabulous concept. Good luck! Have you thought about marketing on some design/craft blogs? Design mom, craftster and design*sponge come to mind.

  • Emmanuelle,

    It is us who should be thanking you! Without your patience — as well as your creativity — we would not have survived this long. It's our pleasure to print your fabric.


  • Hello,
    I’ve started printing my fabric thanks to you october 2008.
    I listened to “The Story” and am amazed of all the trouble you went through just so I could have my fabric and I must apologize to have been part of all your hasle! But I also wish to thank you for all that persistance you have shown to satisfy my needs and to do such a good job.
    Thanks to your company I can express myself by desingning fabrics and making quilts and other projects.
    So thank you very much for coming up with such a great idea and to have worked so hard on it. I do hope that it will continue for a long time.
    Emmanuelle (from France)

  • Thanks! We posted a few photos of our office on Flickr in case anyone is curious:
    Updating our “About” page and including photos of all of us is also on the to-do list. They didn’t have a chance to include my thoughts on this in the broadcast interview, but the force that has really created Spoonflower has been the collective passion of the crafting and design community. We’ve put in sweat and money and enthusiasm, but none of it would have amounted to anything without a community of talented, creative people who have been willing to trust us to print their work, to send us ideas & suggestions, and to follow us as we’ve learned and grown. We love what we are doing largely because the people we’re doing it for are so great.

  • I loved hearing about the background on your company. Best wishes and congratulations on reaching the place where you are able to turn orders around quickly again! I just received my most recent order and am thrilled to work with the fabric!

  • That is so cool Stephen!! Can’t wait to listen. I love that Spoonflower was launched due to curtain longing. I can understand how that might happen!