Spoonflower in the BBC

JUN 8, 2009

We were woken up at 6:00 am this morning for a quote from Stephen–who I'm pretty sure didn't say "mums" exactly–but being mentioned by the BBC was worth it!  This little story articulates in part what I've been thinking about the crafting community lately–that making and selling handmade is a great way to be making money right now, whether it's your only source of income or a supplement to a "regular" job.  It may seem counterintuitive because hand-produced goods can often cost a bit more than their mass-produced counterparts.  But I'm personally trying hard to seek out locally-made and hand-made choices for my purchases lately.  I'm no economist but it seems like funneling the money I spend directly towards the individuals producing things is pretty sound recession-busting economic strategy.  I don't think I'm alone in thinking this.

And isn't it lovely that creating things is such a great stress reliever, too?  There are all kinds of good reasons to be a hand-maker these days!

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  • Lovely article! The “mum” part rang so true. I used to be a fulltime illustrator until having two kids threw my “art time” off the schedule completely. It wasn’t long before art took a back seat completely and I started feeling less and less like myself and more like the typical stay at home mom. When I stumbled across Spoonflower, I was overjoyed! Here was an opportunity to do a bit of illustrating without disrupting my routine at home. Even though I don’t sell any goods now, eventually I know that I could gear towards just that (like others have done with their fabric on Etsy.) Thanks for having the guts to start something completely new! Keep up the good work!