Retro design curtain love

JUN 2, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

IMG_3597 One of my very favorite things about working at Spoonflower is how frequently I see our customers do amazing things with the fabrics we print for them.  A case in point:  Marti's unbelievable retro boomerang Formica-inspired curtain design.  She told me she got the design idea from Formica tabletops at a diner just down the road from her in Cambridge, MA.

I'll confess to a certain fondness for curtain projects done with Spoonflower fabric.  An idle complaint to Stephen one night about how I couldn't find the right curtain fabric that I could see clearly in my own head is the idea that s parked Spoonflower in the first place.  But my curtain vision is nothing like Marti's!   In her words, "I've been teased unmercifully for making the pattern match up at the
edges where the curtains close and for matching the inverting colors at
the boundary between cream and dark, but I think the resulting effect
is worth the effort."  Now that's creative vision!  You can see a close-up of Marti's seam matching here.

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