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JUN 19, 2009 updated May 30, 2016

Fabric of the week winner for 6-15-2009
Even though I'm about a week late in announcing it, congratulations are due to the talented Bradley Leach of Savannah, Georgia. His "Screen Pattern" design won the majority in our most recent fabric-of-the-week contest. You can get quilting-weight cotton bearing this cool design from the Spoonflower Etsy store for the next five days or so. After that you'll have to go pester Bradley himself for some in his Etsy store.

The final vote tally was:


Six, er… Five New Designs for Voting

And now we're on to another week of voting, although due to an odd set of circumstances we're only posting five designs this week. Next week we'll bump it back up to six as we continue to work our way through the long list of entrants. They are:

Fabric of the week contest fabrics, week of 6-15-2009

Click here to let us know which design you like best. Voting closes next week on Wednesday. You're welcome to follow the current vote count in real time.

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  • I’m not quite sure if Spoonflower is aware of this…but, the “Fabric of the Week” button on the home page still links to an older, already finished contest. It took me a while (probably because I’m not as computer savvy as most) to find this week’s contest for voting.