Toddler hat by Lisa.littlek

MAY 26, 2009

Toddler hat, side view
Originally uploaded by lisa.littlek

Have you all seen Lisa.littlek's adorable, scrappy toddler sun hat in our Flickr pool today? It caught my eye right away because I've been experiencing a fair amount of sun hat envy while making the outside rounds with my daughters lately. At the pool yesterday, an excellent gray linen hat with a row of white shell buttons around it. At Locopops, our local popsicle store, the perfect straw hat with a brim not too wide and not too floppy. Part of it is that there are a lot of Japanese women living in our neighborhood here in Chapel Hill, and I swear that they all seem to know secret, cool sources of amazing, casual, interestingly stitched sun hats. Anyone know of any good sun hat patterns or tutorials out there? If you do, please leave a link in the comments!

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